Elasea – Lesson Learnt [EP]

Lesson Learnt, the self release by British rockers Elasea opens with a well crafted, well mixed and mastered introductory song Breathe which contains elements of alt rock and indie rock fused together to make a unique sound. Breathe contains the title of the EP lyrically in the bridge with the phrase ‘maybe this is a lesson learnt‘. The two vocalists complement each other in this track and it’s a great introduction to an EP.

Previously Elasea have released their debut EP Where I Belong but since then the group have evolved to contain keyboard and synth parts, which can be heard in the second track Time Stops, a slower track which teases the listener by building up and dropping off during the verses before coming in with a bang at the chorus.

On My Own starts with a huge riff and the chorus balances out with chords and a synth melody to give the listener a different feel. The chorus and bridge feel a lot more spaced out than the verses, but both aspects work together really well in the song.

The penultimate track, These Secrets, is an interlude. There are two guitar parts, both with reverb and delay, before the bass and drums come in. This goes with the rest of Elasea‘s EP, and is just nice to listen to.

The final track, Walls, launches right in with no introduction and is faster and heavier than the rest of the EP. The top guitar line is placed really well in the mix, not too prominent but not hidden under all the other instruments either, giving the track that spaced out feel that the rest of the tracks seem to have. It’s a shame that the EP should end here, as the listener will be left wanting to hear more.


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