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Entrapment are far from a new band now, rolling out their third album Through Realms Unseen to consolidate what has come to be known as their ‘Death ‘n Roll’ style. This beautifully classic death metal forged with a lick of classy rock ‘n roll.

Opening track Omission drops in with a brief growl and a punchy riff to form the backbone for the track. Ambitious death metal riffs go toe to toe here against more simplistic rock flairs, and it comes off well. The Seeker introduces itself in much the same way, with an ominous growl played over haunting guitar tones.

Through Realms Unseen is up in your face as much as the band have ever been- this isn’t a sulking brand of death metal full of simpering ambiance and mediocre speed; the pace of this album is rock ‘n roll to the core, pounding along like a steam train.

Dominant Paradigm is amongst the heaviest and hardest the band have to offer, an unrelenting blitzkreig of sound blasting out. With un-apologetically aggressive tracks like this, the band provide some variety to the record which threatens to slip into the same dusty track repeatedly. Some impressive instrumental guitar-work helps to gloss over areas where tracks begin to slip out of any memorable significance.

Title track Through Realms Unseen is rightfully one of the best the band have to offer, with an indomitable sense of control over their raging riffs. Unfortunately, the album does not broach much new territory for the band, and is very much a consolidatory effort. In this manner, it’s unlikely to bring many new listeners to the band, but will provide some staunch additions to their live set as they slowly carve their way up through the realms of extreme metal.

Through Realms Unseen is hardly going to be a turning point in the genre, but it’s a more than acceptable notch under Entrapment‘s belt, and there is a great deal for fans to unpack in this broad, if not excessively deep record.


You can stream the whole record via Pulverised Records‘ Bandcamp!

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