The Erik Chandler Band – The Truth

9 out of 10

Introducing Bowling for Soup bassist, Erik Chandler’s brain child The Truth. Chandler’s solo project from The Erik Chandler Band offers hints of the satisfying melodies that fans are used to hearing from Bowling for Soup. However, the album is a fresh sound that is obviously different from anything that the bassist has released before.

The opening track After 12 includes a riff in the introduction that instantly hooks the listener in. From this first song, it is easy to tell that the band have taken influence from melodic rock like The Foo Fighters as well as channelling elements from early 60s rock. After 12 is an excellent beginning for the album and sets a high bar for the rest of the journey.

The record carries on with the same vibes through Hold It Together and Tonight’s the Night until you hit the fourth track Anna. The pace slows down somewhat while still maintaining the essence that has built up. “The years, they all blew by so fast, and you can’t catch up a lifetime in a day”- however the band give it a damn good try to catch up a lifetime in under four minutes with this song. This is the song that you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs after a few drinks with that one person in mind.

The album is at risk of slipping into the pop punk genre with Push the Pedal and Where Did You Go. Nevertheless, the sound remains a far cry from anything that Bowling for Soup are accustomed to. Furthermore, both songs uphold the same high standard as the rest of the songs on the record with memorable grooves and captivating melodies.

It Ain’t Right and This Time have a rather surprising twist with an almost country twang to them. Both songs focus the fantastic song building craft of the country genre as well as the same passion and love for music that it presents. The new levels that the album hits with this innovative experimentation thrusts it into greatness. Just when it feels like it cannot achieve much more, it answers and proves that it can.

The Truth ends with Rudderless which is calming yet full of rhythm and it works. It is a gratifying end to what has been a genuinely excellent record. The track effectively leaves the audience wanting more and hitting the repeat button to listen to entire thing again. One listen is not enough to take in The Truth.


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