Ex People – Bird [REVIEW]

8 out of 10
Released: May 19th 2017 Label: New Heavy Sounds

Mixing the components of stoner and sludge seem on the surface like a match made in heaven, so when Ex People had been releasing tracks combining both genres, it would definitely have a long lasting effect of the fans and with tracks coming one by one off their upcoming release ‘Bird’, the wait is just being more anxious.

The album opens up with ‘Not A Drill’ which gives you an early perspective into the bands sound and musical structure. The lead vocals add a solemn, yet dreamy aspect to the tracks with the booming low tones of the guitar/bass punching its way through to give you a new insight into what to expect from the rest of the record as it moves into ‘Without’ and the bass tone makes more of a presence with its grumbling groove and slow paced riff action that it puts its inspirations more on highlight as well as the vocals having even more of an impact that it did on the previous song. The band are hitting what they need to, but they pick up the pace a little bit more with the track ‘Over’ and give you another entity the the band are able to provide to you with more aggressive tones with the majesty of the singing voice over the top providing the bands own little dark and light blends which no doubt help the band’s momentum moving into the rest of the record.

The band are here pushing more of their sound that they know and they are able to throw other things inside as well. Tracks like ‘You Creep’ invokes a more higher toned melody whilst keeping in that simplistic melody structure that you’ve heard already. The vocals are the biggest enjoyable quality of the record because they stand out so much more due to the overall production. Songs such as ‘Dread’ and ‘Complainer’ help bring the point across, with the latter of the two being more poignant with the tones in the instrumentation with the guitar and bass tones rumbling through nicely. The album closes on the dark and mysterious ‘Crested’ with its 8 minute way of showing you the band are here to make a statement. It’s a track that, played live, would surround you in many sonic waves with the punches that comes through and for the first time, overshadow the vocals with the tonal anger that seems to come through for the entirety of the song.

Overall, this album is a great release for those who love bands such as Electric Wizard and Melvins and need something extra to fill that void. Whilst people who stumble across this record might not see the bigger picture of the record, this band are doing everything they can to give you a slice of stoner and sludge to create a very interesting mark on their career as a band.



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