Exist Immortal – Breathe [REVIEW]

London quintet tells the progressive metalcore world to 'Follow our lead'

Bringing something more flavourful and progressive within its metalcore web, Exist Immortal have touched down with their newest album ‘Breathe’ which showcases so much that this London quintet have up their sleeves. For five years this band have being going from strength to strength, releasing singles here and a mini album there to keep you salivating and wanting more. Now we reach 2016 and you get to hear the culmination of everything they’ve worked hard for put into something that will give even the bands that are able to sell out academy-sized venues a run for their money.

Right out of the gate, you’re treated to something majestic mixed with something that absolutely breaks down walls with ‘Saviour’. The immediate bounce from the rhythm gives you something bass heavy right into the foreground with the track to progressing into a completely different riff structure and gives Meyrick de la Fuente that more treble-edged side to bring something ear-catching with his cleans. With the album progressing showing off more and more experiments and instrumentation magnificence, tracks like ’In Hindsight’ give this sense of everlasting beauty in its lead guitar whilst the rhythm underlining bass tone elevates this tenfold. The choruses as well bring out the best in Meyrick’s cleans, giving the tracks that extra positive brightness.

Each song gives its own individuality whether it be with thrash guitars punching you from all sides to just sounding like a huge prog metal track, with each tracks structure you get a feeling that one by one, the album takes you to a separate island for each song and gives you a lovely guided tour of what is beautiful within its world. ‘Erode’ especially is a highlight on the record just because of the fact that its not trying hard to be outlandish and feel like the members hands are moving faster than their eyes can catch up with. The track has a certain ‘mainstream’ quality within its walls with the fairly upbeat chord progressions heavily thanked by the guitar lead accentuating each transition.

A weird side note, that is just a mere coincidence, is that near enough half of the songs start and finish in around the same time. Not that it’s a major criticism, but quite a few of these songs felt like they could have been drastically altered in time. The song ‘Release’ for example has one of the most graceful clean lead sections out of the entire record and with the whole song gets laid out, you feel like you want to experience it just a few minutes more and bathe in its glory. On the other spectrum, ‘Breathe’ has its moments where you feel it kinda goes out of its way to be a bit of a longer song. The Chon-esque guitar at the beginning adding to the more technicality of the band is such a nice touch, but the breakdown at the end feels somewhat forced and kinda takes away from what the song seems to get across.

From start to finish, Exist Immortal bring an amazing sound and likability to them with a veritable smorgasbord of songs and sections to make even the most stubborn of prog/djent fans shed a small tear of joy. Whilst it may not be the ‘perfect’ progressive record, these five gentlemen have set a high standard for people to reach, even for the more veteran acts.


Released: October 28th 2016
For Fans Of: Tesseract / Periphery / After The Burial
Label: Primordial Records

Exist Immortal - Breathe

9 out of 10
Positives + Originality + Powerful Instrumentation + 'Erode' + Negatives - Song Lengths - Drums Undercut -
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