Fangclub- Coma Happy EP – Review

8.5 out of 10

On the 18th of November Fangclub are set to release their second EP of the year Coma Happy. When Fangclub released Bullet Head in March this year they showed themselves to be a great contender to the other bands who are moving on with this 90’s rock resurgence. Coma Happy on the surface seems to be similar to Bullet Head but yet again is helping to propel the band further.

Starting off the EP is the track Dreamcatcher, the track resembles the riff heavy instrumentation the Dublin based trio had displayed through the entirety of the debut EP. Through the tight instrumentation and strong vocals the band create, yet again, a strong precedent for the remainder of the EP like it had been at the start of Bullet Head. It makes alot of sense as to why this particular song has been picked as the lead single as it show the potential Fangclub has going in to the future.

Following on from Dreamcatcher is Follow.  The track yet again shows the strong instrumentation of the band and the clear ability they have. Follow is possibly the best track on the four track EP as simple but intricate guitar licks instantly throw you in to the track. Being supported by Steven King’s strong vocals, which are almost similar to the likes of Twin Atlantic, the track stays in the forefront of the mind through to the end of the EP.

Inside Joke comes next. It is somewhat the weakest track on the EP, however that doesn’t mean anything amongst these four tracks, especially as Inside Joke is still significantly better than some bands who are following this 90’s rock revival. This track blasts through with its drums which are the most prominent feature of the track.

Closing the EP is Coma Happy, the title track. This song is a perfect closer to the four tracks, with it almost summarizing the instrumentation and vocals that have been present on both EP’s this year. This track seems to fly by which is a shame as Coma Happy as an EP seems to fly by. Overall Coma Happy, and especially Fang Club as a band, is something to keep and eye on and pick up on the 11th of November. [8.5/10]

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