FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY debut ‘Heads Will Hang’ video

Fit For an autopsy

Fit For An Autopsy have premiered a new music video for their track Heads Will Hang.

Directed by Max Moore whose credits involve work for Code Orange and Of Mice And Men, this is the first music video the band have released from their upcoming album The Great Collapse.

When I write a song, I’m trying to feel emotionally connected to it. I really don’t like saying things that don’t matter over music that I want to matter,” says Putney, the guitarist, principal songwriter and cofounder of the group. “We’ve always addressed serious topics going back to our first album. We aren’t a politically charged band up on a podium yelling at people – anybody can relate to the aggression, anger, frustration, and sadness often communicated in our music. But we absolutely raise important questions in the lyrics. Those themes are there to discover.

See the video below and preorder the album here:

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