Fizzy Blood at Download: World Domination

For those who aren’t aware of you yet, how would you describe yourselves?

Ben: Physically or musically? We’re a rock band!

Ciaran: We don’t mess about, we like riffs, we like grooves and we like everyone to have a good time!

Are you excited for your set?

All: Yeah!

Is this the first time you’ve played Download?

Ciaran: The second time, the first time was in 2014.

Ben: First time this line up!

Paul: The first time for me!

Ben: We played on the acoustic stage last time, we still played a full set.

Yeah, people do that, it’s really odd! So, what’s your songwriting process?

Ciaran: Er generally I’ll come up with, or Ben will come up with a skeleton of a song, and we’ll take it to the group and we’ll deconstruct it and everyone will put their stamp on it, and then we’ll go away and work on the lyrics together and we’ve got a tune! We kind of demo it out first and then we’ll take it to the live setting.

Ben: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but when it does work it’s good.

How did Fizzy Blood start out?

Ciaran: Me and Ben were in a band before when we were teenagers, and that ran its course, and then we decided that we were gonna start a new band, and we found these fuckers, I was studying in Leeds at the time and put ads out for the rest of the band, found these guys, jammed it out and based on the common ground and stuff like that. There’s no fairytale, but we’ve been best buds ever since!

Were you at Leeds College of Music?

Paul: Yeah, I was yeah.

Ohhhh, I auditioned for them but I didn’t get in!

Ben: Ah, I didn’t either.

Well clearly they were wrong! So being based in Leeds, do you have a favourite hometown venue?

All: Brudenell Social Club.

Most people say The Wardrobe, so it’s nice to hear a change!

All: Really?! [seem surprised]

Ben: The Wardrobe is good, it just lacks er…

Ciaran: It lacks a bit of the vibe.

Paul: It’s alright, it’s not bad.

Ben: You take a tenner to the Brudenell and you’ve got your night sorted really!

[All laugh]

What’s the best show you’ve ever performed and why?

Paul: The best show we feel we’ve performed well?

Or your favourite one.

Paul: I think Camden Rocks last week was amazing, but I think disregarding that, we played this show in Korea a couple of years ago and everything was amazing! The sound was amazing, we played really well and the crowd reaction was great!

Ciaran: You threw a t shirt into the crowd and people were literally wrestling over it.

Ben: My favourite this year has been Dublin when we played on the While She Sleeps tour.

Ciaran: Oh yeah, that was sick. Everybody was going crazy and tearing each other to shreds.

How was supporting While She Sleeps?

All: Amazing!

Are they good guys?

Ciaran: They’re awesome, they’re the best guys. They’re probably the most accommodating band we’ve ever toured with, they went out of their way to make us feel welcome, and they taught us a lot and became de facto mentors and took us under their wing. Me and Benji actually got ‘six’ tattoos from Matt on our ankles when we finished the tour.

Oh that’s cool! Have you got any tips for budding artists? 

Paul: Innovate, don’t imitate!

Ciaran: Yeah, be creative, do your own thing, don’t try and copy anyone else and if you do, don’t admit to it!

[All laugh]

Do you guys have an ultimate goal for Fizzy Blood?

Ciaran: World domination.

Ben: That’s the ultimate goal of any band, really! We’re doing this until it’s no longer doable.

Ciaran: Until it’s sad really!

Ben: We enjoy doing it, we love doing it, that’s why we do it, I mean we’re not making any money out of it.

Who does these days?

Ciaran: We’re not in it really for success, I mean that would be nice, but we do it because we love to do it, and it’s a cliche answer but that’s why a lot of bands do it and that’s such a powerful thing.

Apart from Korea what’s the best country you’ve ever played in?

Paul: America, we played South by South West two years ago. Every time we’ve been there it’s been a good laugh.

Ben: I like Germany too.

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