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Fullshore – Cherish

"With Cherish, Fullshore have succeeded in capturing the energy and lyrical content of their peers and taken a step into forging a musical identity that is all their own."
8 out of 10

With emotional guitar-based music moving up from the underground and back towards the mainstream, the boys in Fullshore have timed the release of latest EP Cherish just right. They describe themselves as ‘alternative pop’, which seem apt considering that although the sound here is rock orientated, it’s those big hooks that take precedent over flashy instrumentation. After sharing the stage with scene heroes Turnover and Nai Harvest and recording debut EP Change earlier this year, the Brummie crew look set to prove their worth on Cherish. So without further a do, lets breakdown the tracks that make up the latest release from Fullshore.

Kendall – The opener calls on chiming, reverberant guitars and longing vocals. It builds from fragile, emotive melodies to a towering climax before winding back down, bringing things full circle. The ‘quiet introduction/build to a crescendo’ template seems to be a common feature within the genre but Fullshore prove that its not about what you do, but how you do it on this classy first track.

Wine – We begin with a driving riff, reminiscent of late 90’s pop punk. The verse combines choppy The 1975-esque guitars and lush vocals, all building to understated but no less memorable chorus. A super catchy guitar part before the final chorus seals the deal and makes Wine an undisputed highlight of the EP.

This Time Around – The band slows things down a little and it proves to be wise choice. Combining an irresistible guitar hook with breezy pop smarts, This Time Around is certainly the sleeper hit of the EP and an eye opener for anyone who is looking for something fresh among the current emo-rock scene.

Wither – The closer rounds things off with infectious riffs and driving beats. Wither comes complete with a stellar chorus that falls somewhere between Magnolia-era Turnover and the emotive cries of Moose Blood. It proves to be the perfect end to Cherish and acts an excellent representation of the band’s overall sound.

With CherishFullshore have succeeded in capturing the energy and lyrical content of their peers and taken a step into forging a musical identity that is all their own. At just over 15 minutes, the EP cleverly represents the different sides of the Fullshore sound but with neat little surprises like This Time Around, it makes you wonder what these Birmingham natives will be capable of come album time. Get excited.

Cherish is out now and is available on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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