Gnarwolves – Live @ The Exchange, Bristol (14/1/17)

With this being the first of many gigs for these bands 2017, It’s getting ready to be a fully fledged night of hanging with friends, strong punk and hardcore riffs as well as giving you something special to kick in your first gig of the new year!


Kicking off the night with something progressive from Penzance is Crows An Wra who know how to bring their game with the boogie. Their tracks are fast paced and full of emotion as well as effects that translate well from their studio produced songs to an amazing live setting. The crowd was transfixed by the sound they were bringing to the table with vocal delays, a powerfully clean sounding guitar and a great selection of tracks. Tracks such as ‘Shroud’ are just as captivating live as they are on a physical format and the band definitely put their all into it with their stage presence being a very strong highlight of the night. They may have stuck out on the bill, but they had people leaving talking about them and opened the night fantastically.

Rating: 9/10


Up next were the emotionally charged hardcore band from Brighton who pushed the crowd atmosphere a lot higher and the sold out venue was definitely in awe with something that brought a certain level of anger and sadness to the night. The band came back to life back in May 2016 at Outbreak Festival and with the 7 months that have passed by that day, they’ve gotten much more crisper and feel much more at home during this show. The small venue took to them well and the moshers came out in full force. Playing a varied set that took the crowd by the scruff of their neck and throwing their all into their live set, they are definitely a band that you need to keep an eye out for when they come to your town.

Rating: 9.5/10


Having been recording a new album right at the beginning of this year, fans were excited to give Gnarwolves a brilliant first show of the new year brought the night to a spiritual high. Opening up with ‘Bottle To Bottle’ and the crowd already yelling the words back at the top of their lungs sets you up from 5 seconds in how crazy this night was going to be. Throwing you into a night of a career-spanning set from the old jams to four new tracks from the upcoming record, the whole venue felt blissful with everyone coming together to celebrate the beauty that is punk rock. The harmonies on vocals came through strongly, the stage dives were plentiful and above all, Gnarwolves showed that they are undoubtedly one of the best bands the UK music scene has to offer you. Raise your glasses high, for 2017 may be the best year Gnarwolves will have so far!

Rating: 10/10

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