HALFWAY Talk About New Album, Single & Tour !

Sixteen years is a long time for a band to be around these days. Those that are have migrated to the RSLs and are relying on their hits to headline seafood festivals.

It’s pretty rare to find a band both whose popularity and songwriting is continues to hit peaks over a decade and a half in, but that’s just where Brisbane’s Halfway find themselves. With a lauded five-star ARIA charting epic ‘The Golden Halfway Record’, and a brand new single ‘Welcome Enemy’, the band continue to tread their own path…. They’re too country for hipsters. They’re too rock for the country crowd. They’re too old for Triple J. Too young for the heritage scene.

For Halfway though, each album keeps outdoing the last and their best songs are still in front of them. The promise of a growing place in the music zeitgeist is still a reality. But so are real day jobs, school lunches, forgiving wives, less forgiving mortgages, school sports fixtures and adult headaches… alongside the rehearsals, songwriting sessions and creativity.

“Our songs have developed over the last sixteen years because we have,” says principal singer/songwriter John Busby. “When you’re nineteen years old you’re writing about girls, the town you’re living in or the party you’re going to on the weekend. moving forward a couple of decades and not only do we have new experiences that can only come from life stages like family’s, careers and businesses, but you also get new perspective on who you are, where you’ve come from and what it all really means. We still write about the party we went to when we were nineteen, or the town we grew up in (Rockhampton) or the…. characters we’ve met… but with a whole new perspective.”

The Golden Halfway Record is out NOW through ABC Music. Catch Halfway on tour, tickets on sale now

June 19: Broadbeach Festival, Gold Coast QLD
June 24: Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW
July 29: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne VIC


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