Hands Like Houses – ‘Dissonants’ Review

9 out of 10

Australia’s music scene really has a gem in Hands Like Houses; the experimental rock music they have become known for has really been pushed to greater heights in their new album Dissonants. Though the term ‘dissonant’ means to lack harmony, its clear that this is something the guys in HLH definitely have. In comparison to their last full length Unimagine this album keeps their signature sound but takes things that bit further, the synths and breakdowns are polished to perfection. The heavier guitar riffs and varying vocal styles really explore new depths for HLH.

From the first guitar notes of I Am it’s apparent this album is going to be big. With a shout of ‘I am dissonant’ that will make for a standout moment live HLH are taking no prisoners with this one. Recent single Colourblind takes the listener through a whirlwind of riffs and pounding drums. ‘We’re colourblind from the black and white’ is a statement of how we as humans only see things as one way or another, when in reality there are so many more views to account for. This track isn’t just one to bounce along to, its so much more than that, its eye opening.

Glasshouse starts with a growling bass line before bounding into a track with arguably one of the best choruses on the album ‘can you hear the thunder in my chest’; it begs you to shout it at the top of your lungs. The vocals on this track soar over the guitar and synths with an urgency that the whole album has, as though they need to get this off their chests.

Degrees of Separation is a clear standout track that, with its catchy chorus and abundance of ‘Woahs’, you can almost feel the atmosphere that it will create at shows. It’s a high-energy track from the beginning and with lyrics like ‘it hurts to know we’re worlds apart’ it’s bound to resonate with fans and new listeners alike.

Drawing the album to a close Bloodlines is a real belter of a song that you can’t help but tap along to, the punching of the snare drum paired with the gang vocals round this album off solidly. The material showcased on this album will make for killer live shows and if it’s anything to go by, Hands Like Houses are only getting better with every release and will only convert more people into fans.


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