Heart Avail – Heart Avail [EP]

8 out of 10

Heart Avail are a metal band based in Spokane, Washington, USA. The group consists of four members, fronted by vocalist Aleisha Simpson. Their self titled and debut EP is due for release on 9th December via Milagro Records.

Heart Avail opens with a 6 minute symphonic melodic track that is reminiscent of Within Temptation, called Broken Fairytale. The tracks are mixed and mastered perfectly, each musician knows their place within the balance of the group and has a chance to demonstrate their talents. 6 minutes is perhaps a little bit long for an opening track, however it’s a good track. The second track, Vacillation, is immediately different from the symphonic and melodic Broken Fairytale. It launches with a guitar riff that sounds like it is influenced by the likes of Trivium, however the similarities end when the vocals enter the mix.

Simpson’s vocals are not quite as powerful as Amy Lee from Evanescence, however she distinctively holds her own over the music behind her. She sounds like a versatile musician who could easily perform any genre of music. This is particularly demonstrated in the third track of the EP, Always. Each track on Heart Avail sounds different and explores the diversity of the metal genre. The first half a minute of No Remorse particularly demonstrates this, however going into the first chorus it sounds like the other tracks. After the first chorus and into the second verse there is a short instrumental section where the guitarist, Greg Hanson, gets to show off his abilities. The final track of the EP, Pink Lace, is also the lead single. It was premiered on PureGrainAudio and is now available on YouTube.

Pink Lace is altogether a more energetic song than the rest of the EP, and the best song for showcasing individual talents of the members of Heart Avail. There are clear different sections of the song, and it’s not only a great song to end an EP on, it’s probably the best song on the EP and the clear choice for the lead single. The song just floats out at the end, leaving the listener wanting more. Altogether Heart Avail is an EP about the pain that comes from the loss of loved ones, which most listeners can probably relate to. It is not only therapeutic for the listeners that are dealing with similar experiences, it’s a great EP to listen to in general, and Heart Avail are definitely a group to look out for.


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