HELLIONS announce album #3 ‘Opera Oblivia’

HELLIONS have announced their upcoming third studio album to be titled Opera Oblivia. The album will release on the 29th of July via UNFD Records. They have also provided a breakdown of the album title:

Opera (n) Plural of opus, meaning work of art.
Oblivia (n) A passive state of forgetfulness.

That cryptic combination is what drives the album. It is ‘a glorious celebration of everything that makes being alive worthwhile’.

“We would love for Opera Oblivia to be an escape for its listeners,” suggests guitarist Matthew Gravolin, “but more than that, we want it to commiserate with people through our common unpleasantries and overwhelming hardships, and also celebrate alongside our inevitable victory. We want people to allow it to befriend them and remain with them long after its sounds fade out.”

The Australian metalcore / hardcore quintet recently played a slew of dates across the UK supporting Of Mice & Men and at Slam Dunk Festival.

Watch the debut single, Quality Of Life‘, here.

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