Heriot ‘World Collapse’

Merely two years old, UK doom-core band Heriot have spent most of their formative years ticking boxes on the proverbial bands achievement checklist. Featured on Kerrang!, played Bloodstock and toured across the country, Heriot have been progressing at a somewhat impressive pace. New EP ‘World Collapse’ sees the band take their sound forward into a more expansive, throbbing sound.

The EP itself is slathered in a progressive nature which allows the musicality throughout ‘World Collapse’ to breathe and be shown off. The grinding, sludgy riffs throughout ‘Myrr’ and ‘China Lake’ add a feeling of animosity and grit to the vocals of Jake Packer which remain coarse and scathing throughout, borrowing from a Lawrence Taylor (While She Sleeps) kind of vocal to leave stains of impact all over the tracks.

‘World Collapse’ drips with anger and animosity. It’s one of the determining factors to the sound of Heriot working as well as it does. ‘Kleptocracy’ chugs along violently almost to the point where it feels like a 2 minute 22 second breakdown, highlighting an area where the band are at their most creative and inventive, while the title track is where the EP is injected with a bit of pace and venom in some areas, and in others having a Black Sabbath-esque groove.

With ‘World Collapse’ Heriot have created an offering that doesn’t quite have a song that can make the mass populace stand up and be forced to take notice. However, at this early stage of their career, what’s more important for the three piece is that they find a sound that they can mature and master, and with the musical excellence which is often on show here; ‘World Collapse’ may just be the moment where they have.

Score: 7/10

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