Hexvessel release concert film, tour in 2017


Self-proclaimed ‘psychadelic forest rock’ band Hexvessel have released a short concert film following their appearance Menuo Juodaragis festival this year, which you can see at the bottom of the page.

The band comments: “Our idea was to try to capture a sense of the transcendental nature of one of our live shows, when you set our music to the backdrop of the forest at an event that has great meaning for us spiritually. There are a few events that have enabled this perfect conjuration of what Hexvessel means to happen. Menuo Juodaragis is one of those such magic events. A pagan festival held deep in the wilds of Lithuania on a beautifully lush island surrounded by forests, It is an event which celebrates our culture and heritage and it is utterly unique in Europe. We were so proud to go there and play the main stage and in our own way offer a sacrifice of sound to the great transformation that was taking place within people at the festival. It’s a place where you can feel the ancients breath, you can sense a great unity of spirit and mind and it’s a very warm and inclusive, familiar atmosphere. We were delighted to feel bound and compelled together with people from all parts of the world who had travelled there to get some sense of an old and almost forgotten religion. When you are there, really brought out of yourself and back into your more primitive awareness, you know that the old religion still exists only waiting to be pulled out again from the earth, the ash and the roots of age-old trees. Here you know the real meaning of what it was to truly know the earth and the universe. It was a beautiful and life-changing event that we are very happy to have this visual and resonant memento of.”

Hexvessel are on tour with Death Hawks and Kairon Irse in Finland next year, check out the full list of dates below:
02.02 45 Special, Oulu
03.02 Bar 15, Seinäjoki
04.02 Tanssisali Lutakko, Jyväskylä
09.02 Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki
10.02  Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna
11.02 Olympia-kortteli, Tampere
17.02 Ravintola Torvi, Lahti
18.02 Dynamo, Turku
24.02 Ravintola Kerubi, Joensuu
25.02 Bar Downtown Kouvola, Kouvola

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