Hollywood Undead – Brixton Academy 20.04.16

On Wednesday evening, Hollywood Undead took over Brixton Academy in London with the help of Attila.

First up, Attila opened their set with Middle Fingers Up, bouncing around the stage and ensuring all eyes were upon them. The occasional dick joke thrown out by front man Fronz brought in laughter from the audience, with them hanging onto his every word. Despite Attila being a much smaller band in numbers than HU, they run around showing they have every right to a stage this size. Proving Grounds had the entire crowd bouncing along, even inviting a few punters to mosh.

Finally the moment that had been eagerly anticipated, Hollywood Undead took to the stage playing Usual Suspects. Straight to business they had the audience erupting and singing along, a truly fantastic sight and sound in this venue. A seemingly spontaneous Seven Nation Army cover was slightly out of place in comparison to their music, yet it worked and the audience shouting along was real high point of the night. Next up Comin’ In Hot had them pulling audience members out to join them for the song, with one on bass, one on guitar and one singing. The enjoyment evident on their faces for being picked and playing with their heroes was a fantastic sight and a great moment to behold. Moments like these really show up the bands that want to share the experience with fans. Encore Everywhere I Go was almost deafening with the noise of the audience shouting the lyrics, if there was ever any doubt about HU’s ability to headline such a venue it should be long gone now. 9/10

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