My Hopes Instilled – Dancing In The Crisis [EP]

The Italian group incorporate orchestral themes, heavy guitars and drums, gentle vocals and modern effects.

5 out of 10

My Hopes Instilled are an up and coming alt rock band, and they released their debut EP Dancing In The Crisis earlier this month. They are planning their first UK tour for February 2018.

Dancing In The Crisis opens with instrumental Through Emptiness, which flows effortlessly into the title track. The Italian group incorporate orchestral themes, heavy guitars and drums, gentle vocals and modern effects to make up their sound. The listener expects a female vocalist, but the lead singer is actually male. Although they have a huge sound, each individual instrument is quite stripped back, but put together they create something epic.

Riff based Sitting On The Roof features a prominent bass that carries the tune in the verse, where the vocals are incredibly soft and the lyrics are indiscernible. It contains influences from Within TemptationLinkin Park, and Evanescence. There isn’t much difference between this track and the following track, Lies And Prayers.

The most unique track on Dancing In The Crisis is the penultimate track, Wiser, which contains some very hidden elements of A Day To Remember in the verses, but it’s masked by the guitar’s effects and the chorus. Finally, in the bridge the listener hears some chugging and blast beats on the drums that make the song heavy. However back into the third verse is that hidden ADTR influence. The influences in Wiser jar together and shouldn’t work, but somehow they do.

Green Leaves finally has some piano and the haunting orchestral sound returns. This more metal themed sound seems to be My Hopes Instilled‘s preferred sound; the tracks sound more comfortable and are written and performed better than the others.

Each song on the EP starts with a long introduction before launching into a riff, and then the standard verse/chorus structure. However most of the tracks sound too similar to each other. If My Hopes Instilled were writing an album they would need to include much more variety between songs, and write songs of similar genres, not metal on one track and pop punk/metalcore on the next. However they are different to other metal bands in that the male vocalist doesn’t scream or use heated vocals, he just sings. Musically My Hopes Instilled are talented, but they need to refine themselves a little more before committing to a full album.

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