Hunter Kill Hunter – II [EP]

8 out of 10

The opening track Intro is a regular introductory track: no lyrics or particularly eventful instrumental yet building to the explosion of the second track – this is most definitely present within this release. Too Much To Take shows the full extent of what Hunter Kill Hunter are about. There are vocal melodies that will stick around in anyone’s head with wide backing vocals and a solid backing from the band. It is clear from the off hardcore shout/screams will be a recurring style though the course of the EP and they complement the rest of the track fantastically. The lyric “too much to take but we will get by” is one of the best on the record with its application to many a hardship and the clearly emotive connection the band had writing this song shines through as the breakdown at the end rams home the feelings displayed throughout.

Following track Sinking From Within is a story very similar to the last, though this time there are hints of The Offspring within the musical landscape Hunter Kill Hunter have created for themselves. The thrashing drumbeat with crunchy lead guitar over the top of the verse lines brings a rounder sound to the whole release which gives a stronger sense of how far this band could go. Their ability to flip from fairly ambient and chilled-out lines to hardcore seems to be one of the best in the game at the moment and the variety of writing styles shows the true musicianship. The Hunted is a bit slower and calmer though still has its moments of slipping into that more hardcore style, and the beginning of They’ve Traded Us For Gold stays more ambient before its sure movement into the verses with a drumbeat coming in.

The standout track though is penultimate We Are The Blame, which embodies the EP perfectly. The more roughly-styled instrumental and vocals never hitting the true tuneful capabilities means the piece holds a great emotional tag with it and the ideas presented of being the scapegoat are reinforced powerfully. This is then followed with Neverlasting Light which is slower yet incorporates a heavy sound throughout to provide an excellent close to the release.

Overall then, definitely something to look out for when it appears on sites. The main thing to take away is this: that Hunter Kill Hunter are an extremely versatile and classy band who have the musicianship to carry out the feeling well. A triumphant collection, and it will definitely be a marker to show the start of the band’s success properly!

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