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Hypophora Release New Double Single and Video

Math Post-Hardcore outfit Hypophora on the 31st of October released a video for part of their upcoming double single. Youth is out of the two singles the lead and through this video and the song it shows just how well the band work together. With it sometimes more complex mathy side the band show quite a lot of musical prowess. Alongside Katie McConnell’s well rounded vocals Youth is a very good song to listen to.

Yet on the flip side of this we get Caught which has a completely different feel and whilst we still get these complex math parts, mainly from Karum Cooper, in the songs composition this one is far closer to the Post-Hardcore the band label themselves under. This track though feels weaker than Youth but is still a track that is filled with energy and shows the band in a very good light for the future. However on a whole Caught/Youth together make for a very entertaining Double A Side which is definitely worth checking out when it drops on Novemeber 11th [8]. But you can check out the video for Youth below.

Pre-order the 7″ here:

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