Hypophora – Youth / Caught

Hailing from the far south of the UK, alternative rockers Hypophora have recently released their ‘double A-side’ singles Youth and Caught. The band take influence from a huge variety of musical styles, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to post-hardcore outfits.

Caught is the first track on the double release, and it kicks off at a brazen pace.  Hypophora are a talented bunch, and the band demonstrate technical prowess all round. Vocalist Katie McConnell demonstrates a good range and a confident voice, whether she’s singing husky tones or really projecting a high note. Caught is well-written, with a powerful hook and a catchy chorus as the guitars pound out a bouncy riff. The song strips back for a short and impressive instrumental section before the song builds back up to climax. Topping five minutes, it’s quite a long track, but Hypophora don’t let the song meander – it remains focused throughout.

Youth begins with a jubilant riff, and it’s a song with a stronger sense of rhythm. Some of the band’s funk influences are audible here, as the song rocks along with a sense of fun reminiscent of the legendary Chili Peppers. The band’s music is infused with motion and energy, a quality which is certain to make their live shows admirable.

In all, the double single is a great addition to the band’s discography, and a brilliant breath of fresh style spanning genres. Hypophora are a band that will, and deserve to, stand out.



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