I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved – Luke Rainsford [EP]

As usual he's produced a high quality record that will leave a lasting impact on the listener.

9 out of 10

I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved is the latest EP from acoustic superstar Luke Rainsford, following the release of his second album I Feel At Home With You early last year, and is the second record to be released since signing with Scylla Records. The EP is due for release on 6th April.

The first track, Looking For Your Ghost, explores differences in dynamic, both in the instruments and the vocals. Rainsford provides soft singing, angry shouting and deadpan speaking all in one track. Second track I Can’t Keep My Promises is a short one, opening with a beautiful acoustic melody and using the lyrics “I’m looking for your ghost”, tying the previous track in. The listener just gets into the track, enjoying the long pause before An Open Letter suddenly begins with the words “Fuck this I wanna go home”. This track uses different guitar techniques not often seen on acoustic performances, such as palm mutes. The vocal harmonies in the bridge are very rarely used by other similar artists, setting Rainsford apart from the crowd.

Sweet Briar is, or so the listener thinks, the token cheerful track on the EP, and the lead single, and is available to listen to now via Spotify. It’s reminiscent of early Yellowcard if they were acoustic, talking about teenage years, and using phrases such as “I never needed a father figure” and “I spent the best part of my late teens/in all the places where I thought I’d be free”

The reverb kicks into higher gear in What I Can’t Believe, making the track sound as though it was recorded in an old church hall. This fits well for the theme of the song, which talks about struggling with feelings of letting people you care about down, which most people with probably empathise with. This theme follows into the final track, What I Hide Beneath, although this is much more upbeat and the reverb effects have been dialed down to normal levels.

Although Rainsford is an acoustic artist, he makes full use of his guitar, creating multiple lines and filling out the sound with drums, as well as perfectly harmonising his vocals to really enhance the natural talent he has. As usual he’s produced a high quality record that will leave a lasting impact on the listener, especially if they aren’t already a fan of his work.

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