The Imaginary Family – Puppet Karaoke EP – Review

8 out of 10

The Imaginary Family are a duo from Cheltenham and are very muss branching under this Experimental branch of Rock whilst dragging influences from Math and Jazz. This being said their debut EP Puppet Karaoke which was released on the 4th of January this year. But without further ado let’s break down this debut EP.

Opening up Puppet Karaoke is the track El Classico which is great introduction not only to this EP but also the band as a whole. With the very Jazz influenced instrumentation the song starts off strong and travels along at a steady pace. This is when the vocals of James Chuter cut through and add an extra element to the already interesting track. With both parts now complimenting each other nicely the track shows more of this Math Rock influence as the timings, although appearing off show the bands knowledge and ability to construct a track so cleverly. As El Classico starts to move towards it ending the duo display even more of the heavy Jazz influences that are so prevalent in this EP alomng with a bit more of this more simplistic Math Rock bridging over the top the track soon hits its end and flows in to the second song on this debut EP.

Following on from El Classico is the Counting Fingers which yet again shows the duo in a very positive light only from a vocal stand point but also from an instrumental stance also as the overtly Jazz and undertones flow through this track also but then are cleverly juxtaposed by the off timing vocal introductions which although can be disorientating show the understanding of both Genres that influence The Imaginary Family. Just after the main body of the song we get this moment of calm where the track slows down before being picked back up again and moving the track briskly to its conclusion.

Ending off this three tack debut is The Future, Again and it starts off very differently to the different tracks feeling almost like an uptempo pop track but quickly flips that image and becomes a far more slow track with these interesting and simplistic riffs as James Chuter sings and harmonises on top. However it is long until the track moves back in to this opening riff and then drops in to a more Math Rock influenced section, which not only shows the duos versatility but ability to move from one musical motif to the next. Now although this feels like the weakest track on this debut that by no means is bad as this is still a great track to listen to not only for the instrumentation present but also the vocal performance.

Overall The Imaginary Family have not only started off the year strong with Puppet Karaoke but also started off the year strong musically, especially against all the other EP’s and albums that have dropped already. Despite them needing a little bit of work there is a lot of potential and enjoyment that can be found in this EP not only through the well constructed songs but also through the interesting vocal melodies that are present on the top of each track,  and if you are a fan of Jazz and Math Rock then there is definitely something in this for you. [8/10]

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