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Basic Info

Coffeeblends are a grunge/punk band from Burnham, Bucks.

Vaibhav Mishra, 19 (Vocals and Guitar), Lucas Juchacz, 19 (Bass) and Billy Young, 17 (Drums and Vocals)

Vaibhav: “In a nut shell, we all like coffee and we all like playing music, hence the name Coffeeblends. Having studied artists such as Title Fight, Basement, Moose Blood, Balance and Composure, we formulated our own individual sound with a blend of emotional lyrics and melodies with grungy, thick tones, and it works for us. We all live in a sleepy village called Burnham, near Slough and it’s a cool place to hang out, party and do gnarly skateboard tricks. The main reason we created this band was to express our most inner thoughts artistically and just have fun in general. We try to cover themes like anxiety, loneliness, heartbreak and friendship through our writing.

Billy: “As far as our hometown goes, I love Burnham, but the lack of resources and facilities to accommodate bands around this area has made it become rather expensive for us. Though the most local venues for smaller bands to play and get their name out are in Reading and with our studio in Maidenhead, they’re only a couple of stops on the train, but it all adds up. It’ll never stop us though, we may be losing money from this, but we’re genuinely doing this for the music, and to get our emotions across through our own artistic choices. I still feel the passion of wanting to get these songs out and share our music with the Pop-Punk/Emo scene is an incredibly motivating one.

The Past

Lucas: “We all went to the same primary school together. I knew Billy and Vaibhav but they didn’t meet until about 3 years ago. After primary school I lost touch with Billy and Vaibhav when we all moved to different schools but a few years later I started playing rugby and joined Slough rugby team. Billy also happened to be in the same team and we rekindled our friendship.

Vaibhav – “Billy and I met a few years ago and we have been in a number of musical projects since then. As our music tastes grew together we saw ourselves drifting towards grungier and emotional directions which then led to the birth of Coffeeblends. Having Lucas as a mutual friend was perfect to complete our line-up and we got together in the summer of 2015 to start writing material. As we are all either students or working full time it has been difficult to find opportunities for rehearsals so we have been taking our time with each step of this journey. Starting University last September proved challenging for myself but we tried our hardest to keep in touch and carry on doing what we loved, and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved so far in terms of writing and bonding. We released our debut single, When, Where? a couple of weeks ago and this has formed a foundation for our music and something to develop and grow on.

Billy: “It’s weird how small the world really is sometimes! I met Lucas after a rugby game when we played on opposites teams, after his team folded he joined Slough Rugby club, which helped us develop our friendship and rugby together, which was fantastic. Vaibhav and I met through an old band member when I was about 14, we spoke about me possibly joining his Pop-Punk project at the time and after my first band split up we essentially kept the same line up from my old band just with Vaibhav as the new vocalist and co-song writer with me. As Vaibhav and I got to know each other better through the band we connected really well outside the band too and established a great friendship based on our similar music tastes, clothing, preferences and most importantly, a love for terrible jokes. As Vaibhav mentioned it was always difficult rehearsing with uni, college and work which really did inspire me to keep writing and anticipating getting these songs down with the band, yet also I tried to start side projects and an acoustic solo EP, which by the end I just couldn’t see myself doing as I wanted all my focus to be on Coffeeblends and my boys Vibbs & Lucas.

The Present

Vaibhav: “We are currently working on our debut EP which we are anticipating to release late August/early September. I am studying Medicine at University and the workload and exams has meant we have had to take a break for a few weeks, however, we have fixed plans for the future.

Lucas: “I am looking forward to releasing the EP and currently I am working at Selco in Slough. This short break has given me more time to go to the gym to train and achieve my fitness goals with one of my best mates. I believe a healthy body is key for artistic focus and I have a big passion for the sport American Football which has helped develop my motivation.

Billy: “I am extremely excited to get the rest of the EP recorded after such a positive response to the release of our debut single, it’ll be a dream come true to completely channel my emotions into songs that all my friends, family and even complete strangers can listen to. I am currently finishing my last year at college where I study Creative Media as I aspire to be a music journalist and videographer. I’ve been asked for my services as a journalist from many different sick bands in the UK Pop Punk scene, who have been nothing but supportive of my work, which is amazing. I currently still play for Slough Rugby Club and I hope to remain there until I can no longer play either due to age or injury. Hopefully not the latter though!

The Future

Vaibhav: “After my exams, we will be playing a run of our first ever shows with a bunch of mates which I am incredibly excited about. The first being a hometown show in Reading at the Face Bar, on the 27th June, with indie know-it-alls, Scarecrow Boat. I am also thrilled about the release of our first ever EP. We have already started writing for future material and I am honestly amazed at how much we have grown lyrically over the last several months. This has been such an amazing experience so far and I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and patient. More antics to follow…

Lucas: “I am so excited for our gig at the Face Bar in Reading because as Vaibhav said it’s our hometown gig, so a lot of our friends and family are going be there. For the future I think we can develop as a band and keep progressing as quickly as we have done so far. We aspire to be touring the UK in the coming months, so hopefully we can see you soon.

Billy: “We’ve tossed around a few more gig ideas with our mate’s bands. I would love for that to develop into something, although for now our focus remains on our debut show in Reading which all of the Coffee boys are stoked for. All of this is an amazing experience to share with two of my best friends. I just hope that the music continues to flow from Coffeeblends and we meet some awesome new people through this band and share even more cool experiences together.

For more info, like them on Facebook and visit their Bandcamp.

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