In The Spotlight: Halo Affect

Reading-based teen alt-rockers Halo Affect are next up In The Spotlight!

Basic Info

The band consists of Aimee, 17 (vocals and lead), Alice, 17 (rhythm guitar), Jo, 15 (bass) and Alex, 14 (drums)

Aimee: “The name is based on a psychological term “halo effect” which is someone’s overall impression of a person, product etc influences the feelings and thoughts someone has about that entity’s character or properties.

Alice: “When writing lyrics I take inspiration predominantly from Will Gould of Creeper and Robert Smith of The Cure. Will writes such beautiful lyrics so I often having Creeper playing in the background when writing. It’s the same with The Cure; Smith’s lyrics fit so well even without a rhyme scheme so I take a lot of inspiration from him. I’ve even referenced a song by The Cure in one track I recently wrote because I had it playing at the time.”

Aimee: “I’m more a punk fan, bands like Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Damned, who are probably my main influences. I listen to a lot of rock and roll-type stuff too like Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly, and a lot of my guitar parts guitar parts stemmed from these.

The Past

Alice: “I’ve known Aimee since we were about 13 but only recently joined the band in October where I met Alex and Jo for the first time. the band is through an organisation called Reading Rock Academy who help young people get into music.

Jo: “I’ve been in several bands before Halo Affect but none of them really worked out either because of contrasting styles of music or other disagreements. I was in a band with a close friend a year ago but when split we both moved onto different bands. Halo Affect, who at the time were known as The Ruins, were only Aimee and Alex so I joined when I heard they were in need of a bassist since Aimee was a mutual friend of members of my previous band. Our style of music is kind of grunge punk which was perfect and a nice break from pop-ier bands I’d been in before. We were having some trouble having only one guitarist though and after a few months Alice joined, which soon led to doing our first gig.”

Aimee: “I’ve been in the band since it started in 2010 and Alex joined a few years later, and together we’ve played a few gigs at the Jazz Cafe among other venues through the Rock Academy

Jo: “Their Pain and Victim of Myself are up on Soundcloud! We actually recorded them for the time being on Alice’s phone but they haven’t turned out too badly to be honest…

The Present

Alice: “Our immediate to-do list is to finish a few songs we’ve been working on for a while then maybe get in a studio and get something done in terms of a release.

Jo: “We’re all independently working on our own aspects and parts of the songs, and we are going to go through and alter at practices to make a tighter and more polished sound. Also some old songs we aren’t happy with are going through a ‘re-vamp’ process, like a song we wrote called August 28th that could do with a lot of work before the potential studio trip!

The Future

Alice: “July 17th is our next Rock Academy gig and we’re looking to get bookings to record a single or two after the gig. We’ve been in talks with a local video editor who’s shown interest in making a music video for us so once the recording has been done we should have that on the go too!

Jo: “We’re all doing either GCSE’s or A-levels and we all have exams at the moment so we are hoping to get in the studio in the summer as most of our songs are more than ready to get recorded.

Aimee: “We’d love to play a few more gigs in the near future and get a song (probably Their Pain) recorded in the near future.

Huge thanks to Alice, Aimee and Jo from the band for doing this! Hit them up on Facebook and Soundcloud because these guys could seriously be going places sometime soon so keep up…


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