Indigo Bones’ Self Titled EP Exclusive Track By Track

Indigo Bones are about to release their debut self titled EP, for which they are very excited and were keen to give an inside word on each track. Musicology rated the four song EP at 10/10.

1. Vertical Sleep
Vertical Sleep is the opening track on the EP. It’s a lamentation about being overworked and unsatisfied with your job. It was one of the first songs the group had properly experimented with using both Chris and Mark’s vocals in a song, and it was an important song for defining their unique sound.

2. Silver Nosebleeds
The next song on the record is Silver Nosebleeds, which is a somewhat abstract song, about those times when you just want to shut yourself away from the world. It’s probably one of their darker songs, and quite different from the other tracks on the EP.

3. Elastic Patient
Elastic Patient is next up and it’s about living life recklessly, the kind of self-destructive lifestyles people can fall into. Indigo Bones’ inspiration for writing is rarely autobiographical, and their origins of inspiration for a song is usually from a variety of sources and observations.

4. On Delicate
On Delicate closes the EP and Indigo Bones are really happy with this track. They broadly experimented with dynamics in the song, playing with the juxtaposition of heavy parts and soft, delicate parts within the same track. The song is about the various ways people handle their fears about dying.

Indigo Bones is not an EP to miss, and it is due for release on 16th December. The group are set to tour in early 2017.

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