Interview: Boston Manor, Slam Dunk South 29/5/17

Boston Manor

Before their set at Hatfield we caught up with Boston Manor frontman Henry Cox to talk about what’s going on in their camp in the middle of their monumental rise.

So how’s the weekend been so far?
Henry: Some of the best shows we’ve ever played. The crowd reaction has been unbelievable, very memorable.

Any stories you can tell us from Slam Dunk?
Henry: None I can tell [laughs]. Just a lot of friends drinking too much booze and having too much fun.

What’s been your highlight of 2017 so far?
Henry: This has been one of them for sure, but it’s been a pretty whirlwind year. The US tour we just did with Trophy Eyes and Moose Blood was pretty unbelievable, a real experience. We did some little warm-up shows for this which pretty much all sold out which was cool for places we may not usually go to. We didn’t know what to expect but they were amazing. It’s been non-stop but pretty amazing.

Who would you like to support you in the near future?
Henry: We’d love to do another tour with Crooks (check them out here) because that one got cancelled, and a friend of mine is in a band called Death Blooms (check them out here) who are a bit like Every Time I Die so I’d love to hook that up at some point. If anyone has any suggestions then get in touch.

What direction do you see your music going in next?
Henry: The stuff we’re writing at the moment is a lot more “tried and tested”, people say. A bit more eclectic though; we’ve been listening to a lot more different music since we wrote Be Nothing around a year and a half ago, so it does sound different. Heavy bits are heavier, soft bits are softer like everybody says. Just a more seasoned vibe is what we’re going for now.

What would you put in a Boston Manor cocktail?
Henry: Loads of tabasco… Make it really spicy and horrible. Tomato juice and vodka, but mainly spicy and horrible. Maybe some soil too.

Do you think you’ll ever play any of the Here/Now material live again?
Henry: [Laughs] maybe. I don’t really want to at all but maybe one day. We always get asked to play Tiger’s Jaw and stuff but yeah, possibly.


Thanks to Henry for taking time out to talk to us, read our review of their set and all our other picks of Slam Dunk 2017 here, and be sure to send any suggestions for who they should tour with to them!

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