Interview with Jason Spencer of Wilson

We caught up with Detroit rockers Wilson after they recentley toured the UK here’s what guitatist Jason Spencer had to say :


1) Your YouTube channel is literally called WilsonParties so how much does the partying aspect come across in what you do in live shows?

Hey, we like to have fun.  This band was started to get free beer at college parties, so for partying to not be an aspect of this band is just…well, wrong.  Now we have our fun, but we are humans at the end of the day.  We like to create music and a story that stems from our lives.  There’s more substance to the 5 of us than solely partying hahaha

2) How different has the reaction to Right To Rise been compared to your debut album Full Blast Fuckery?

It’s gone over great!  We were able to offer something that explains us as individuals, you know?  It paints the picture of the place we come from, the things we do and the city we live in.

3) What has been your influence for the gritty type of Rock and Roll vibe you take within your music and can you hear it in other contemporary bands you may have toured with or came from your scene?

I can’t pinpoint anything with this band.  Like I said, I started this band to get free beer at parties.  If anything, this sound came from the beast inside of us that needed to be let out.  From there it was more or less what the beast will do next…and the unpredictability is what I love about this band.  

4) Your newest music video Right To Rise has been out for a while recently how would you say reaction to this video has come across?

I’m not going to sugar coat this question and tell you that it went over the way we envisioned, but what I see is this video going over well as time goes by.  In retrospect, you can’t expect anyone to fully dive into a video that’s not about them, you know? What I mean by that is that the video captures the city we live in, the people that live in it and all other things Detroit.  So to say someone from, let’s say Nottingham, U.K., is going to totally relate to Detroit is unfair.  HOWEVER, I strongly believe that as time goes by, and the closer anyone becomes with our band, the video will help paint the picture we’ve created with the album.  

5) What made you come to the choice of touring with Reigning Days and how have they been on the tour?

We heard some things through the grapevine about these lads…and all of it was all true – they are genuine folks that rock.  I was thoroughly impressed with this band and by their personalities.  One of the best bands we’ve been out with!

6) What was the mindset when it came to writing your second album?

That it was time to show the world where we come from and explore everyone’s creative mind.

7) Where do you see Wilson being in 10 years?

Hopefully not destroyed by some crazy world event! In all honesty, I hope we can say we are content and satisfied with all things Wilson, as well as the lives we have.

8) How has the crowd reaction on the UK tour ?

Insane! We played Glasgow, UK and instead of an encore request, where the common line, “one more song!” is shouted…we were embraced by people chanting, “Detroit, MI.” It made for a monumental moment in our band’s history.  It’s been the best introduction to our first headlining tour in the U.K.

9) Any mental tour stories?

Well, getting back to the U.S. was fucking wild.  We were forced to miss our flight from Boston to Detroit because we couldn’t land!  There was a ship in front of the landing path, so the plane took a 30 minute detour.  Coming around the second time, the plane couldn’t land again because Boston-Logan airport closed again.  SO, the plane took another 30 minute detour, but had to make an emergency stop to fuel up.  At this time we had 1 hour to catch the flight home…which was impossible, so we had to spend another night in Boston.  

We DID hang off of a few ledges in Froggatt, Derbyshire.  You can see pictures online! Our other guitar player, Kyle Landry, hung off this ledge, which was about a 4 story fall.  We GoPro’d the whole thing.  Check our YouTube channel for some updates!

10) If you could sum up Wilson in a good 10 words what would they be and why would you choose them?

The Last Friday Night On Earth Hosted by Larry Walt


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