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INTERVIEW + REVIEW SayWeCanFly at London Boston Music Rooms 12/02/16

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SayWeCanFly is the heart and soul of a musician by the name of Braden Barrie. He is famously known for writing heartfelt and sincere songs meant to connect and move his listeners. With a bunch of great singles under his belt, and three amazing full length albums, SayWeCanFly embarks on a UK tour with a full band for the very first time. Only playing his first London show last year at the Islington Academy 2015, it’s amazing to see how quickly his fan base has grown in a year.

Musicology caught up with the talented and the brains of SayWeCanFly, Braden Barrie, in a short interview, where we spoke about his recent success, ideal valentine’s date and the mystery behind what SayWeCanFly actually means.

How does it feel to be back in the UK? It must be overwhelming to know you have such a huge fan-base, so far from your home in Canada.

It’s so cool, I was here last year, so it’s amazing to see how much it has grown in such a short space of time. I love being back at the UK, I love the culture, accent and I even have family in Scotland, but obviously I do miss being at home.

Congratulations on being signed to Epitaph Records, what’s it like to share a major label with so many amazing artists, like yourself?

 This is the first time I’ve ever been signed to a label and Epitaph is for sure the right one. They care about the music and not just about the numbers. So it’s cool.

Have you ever thought about joining a band?

This is the first tour that I’m using a full band behind me, I feel like it will finally give musical justice and fans will be able to hear the songs how they’re meant to be heard.

You started out on You Tube, were you or are you inspired by any musicians online, or was music something you came about on your own?

I was always into music, being 13 and having access to You Tube, sure I was influenced by many great musicians to create my own, like Never Shout Never and Chase Coy. I didn’t really know how to use You Tube, as it was still very new, but it was an awesome platform to upload and share music, and still is.

What song are you most proud of? And what song are you most excited to play on tour?

The song I’m most proud of is Driftwood Heart, when writing songs there’s always some little things that I might not like, but this song was the first that included everything that I wanted. The song I’m most excited to play is Song Of the Sparrow, as I have a full band the song is going to sound just like it should.

You’ve played Warped Tour USA last year, how was that experience? And would you ever want to play Warped UK?

It was an amazing experience, but don’t get me wrong, it was one of the hardest summers of my life. I loved engaging with fans, meeting so many new people, I’ll never forget it. I was hoping to play Warped UK this year, but I’d love to if I get given the chance.

What goals do you have for 2016?

Well to write another full length album as soon as I get back from tour. I love being by myself and writing new music when I’m home. And even maybe explore a new sound, who knows.

How did you come about the name Say We Can Fly? And what does it mean?

In 2009, I wanted to make a YouTube channel, I was laying on my bed, thinking of user names and SayWeCanFly was the first thing that came into my head. At the time it meant nothing, but subconsciously now maybe it was my brain telling me it means hope and believing in yourself.

If you could tour with any artist or band, who would it be and why?

Ed Sheeran, he is an incredible musician, I saw him live not too long ago and he was amazing! Talented guy.

If you could have written any song, which one would it be? This can include guilty pleasures.

(Hmm) It would have to be Happy Birthday, as it makes so many people happy.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, what would be your perfect date?

Yeah it would have to be.. Netflix and Chill, I suppose everyone’s gonna do that.

In six words or less, why should out readers at Musicology online listen to Say We Can Fly?

 Cos it’s all true Stories.

The Venue is barley full, Critics were first to grace the stage. A band originally from, London, the quartet were completely unfazed and were undoubtedly full of energy. Songs like ‘I have a gun’ were catchy from the get go, however vocalist Lynn Paighton on several occasions felt that ‘London was asleep.’ The crowd’s failed attempt to engage in, new sassy pop rock band, Critics, was a little disappointing as Critics pulled all the shots and gave it their all. When playing ‘Hands on you’ a softer song, in comparison, it showcased the bands range and ability to plat different styles. Their use of synths and guitar created a fusion and with a little rap in their song ‘Famous’ Critics are clearly unique and not glued to any genres. 7/10

Bethan Leadley was next. A little different from the genres expected to play tonight, Bethan still managed to capture everyone’s attention with solely her confidence and her ability to play the acoustic guitar flawlessly. Bethan played songs about love, being single and childhood in which many individuals in the audience could relate to. Ending her set with a cover of two pop songs, Toxic by Britney and Crazy in Love by Beyoncé, Bethan beautifully merged the two together and had everyone singing along. 6/10

The Kenneths, a punk band also from London and noticeably heavier than the two previously supports were the last ones to play before the main act. As soon as the first chord was played, it felt like we were all at an underground punk show. The trio totally emerged themselves into the music, and had the crowd in their hands with only their stage presence. Songs were rapid, loud and overall amazing. Songs like ‘Radio’ sparked debate amongst the crowd as guitarist and vocalist, Josh Weller, asked ‘what happened to the radio?’  Finally to end their killer set, Josh, leaped into the crowd,using fans as a mic stands, which left everyone buzzing and warmed up for SayWeCanFly. 8/10

A Dedicated crowd scream like there’s no tomorrow, when the lights finally turn off, and Braden Barrie walks on to the stage all suited up and handsome, joined by a full, well-rehearsed band.  Opening with Darling there’s no words other than to describe his vocals as heavenly. After mentioning that he’s been sick the last couple of days, it goes unnoticed as Brandon still manages to sing flawlessly. Songs like When I come home leaves everyone’s eyes shining as the lyrics are tear provoking. Highschool, a song a little more upbeat describes the truth about education and hits home for most of the audience. Braden, soon becomes comfortable and takes off his glasses, fully emerging himself into the music. Song for the Sparrow, and Scars leave crowd in tears, many relating to the lyrics or more so astonished by the talent on stage. The full band, gives every song justice and just proves that Branden is heaven sent. Playing Intoxicated I Love You, last, everyone is left in awh’, between the high notes, and the soft vocals, the corwd is left gutted that the show is over. Overall, SayWeCanFly won over everyone tonight, including the parents sitting on the sofas, and including Musicology. 10/10

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