Whilst he might be a household name in Australia, Native rocker Scott Darlow is slowly starting to tap into the UK market. His debut single titled ‘Solid Rock‘ went viral last January; featuring a mixture of Australians from all backgrounds flying the Aboriginal flag, which was shared amongst a few social media platforms. Stacking up 30,000 plays in its first weeks, the track created a powerful statement and helped speak for Indigenous Australia’s unheard voice.

Music has been a constant rhythm in Scott’s life who first started to learn the cornet at five before graduating to a multi-instrumentalist , mastering instruments such as trombone, clarinet, didgeridoo and the guitar as he grew older. Scott’s original heritage is never far from his heart with the didgeridoo forming a key part of his sound and musical identity throughout his music and albums.

When the second single ‘Sorry’ dropped, it became the most played track on Australian radio in the month of February 2016 and with that, helping it chart at number 6 on the Australian iTunes chart. Now hoping to spread his message of love, hope and unity worldwide, his third single ‘Down Like Flies‘ has the potential to become an anthem for the down trodden and forgotten.

Spreading the ever important message, it’s important to never losing hope even when the odds seem stacked against you. Check out this single below!

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