Ion Dissonance – Cast The First Stone [REVIEW]

If you ever liked your music, for lack of a better term, ‘bat-shit crazy’ then you will definitely be a fan of Ion Dissonance. Having not released an album for six years, there will be understandable doubt that they might not be as absolute bonkers as during their previous record such as ‘Minus The Herd’ and ‘Solace’. One thing is for sure, they wont let the rust be shown.

Breaking out first, you wouldn’t tell that they haven’t released anything in six years. ‘Burdens’ released a blood-curdling scream before sounding like all of your favourite mathcore/grindcore acts mushed into one beautifully insane package. The boisterous low tones being powered on one end whilst the higher notes coarse through over the top makes it sound like six different classical symphonies being played at once. Leading into the next song, titled ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’, the buildup right at beginning of just guitars before bringing such a punishing lower end of guitar sound. The dissonance and discordant nature that runs through this entire record is a classic staple of the band and it’s great to see that nothing has changed, for the most part, of this bands musical writing style as there was nothing much to perfect and only to mature.

It’s hard to push through words about the intricacies when you’re looking very hard to find something that might be unique to focus on, but what seems to be the main forefront of the record is that its chaotic creativity is something to marvel at and doesn’t slow down. Even when you get to the lower half of the record, one of the shortest tracks on the record ‘Ill Will’ goes into turbo mode with the snare drum trying to match the discordant elements and going into overdrive just from start to finish. On the other side of this, the eight minute behemoth ‘D.A.B.D.A State Of Composure’ has a bit more of a follow along structure with the lead helping you keep in time whilst the rhythm/drums seems to try and fight it out over who can be the most convoluted.

For those who have a weak heart, this might not be the record that you should listen to first. The mathcore elements are flying through the record, but what seems to make this record that much more undeniably awesome is the fact that they’ve made something feel like they’ve never changed. Sure, they’ve matured a whole lot since their previous record back in 2010, but a lot of people might have expected them to slow down and they haven’t. This album is a reminder that going all out and throwing caution to the wind will sometimes work out for you!


Ion Dissonance - Cast The First Stone

8 out of 10
Released: 18th November 2016 For Fans Of: Car Bomb / Converge / War From A Harlots Mouth Label: Good Fight Music
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