Issues Live Review 25.05.16

10 out of 10

First to take the stage; Astroid Boys, white boiler suits and raps for days is something that these guys have down. Climbing over the front of stage speakers and jumping down into the pit had the audience yelling for more, and boy did they deliver.

Hacktivist took the room by storm, easily leading the audience as though it were their own headline show. Tracks like Hacktivist and a swaggeringly cool take on Jay-z’s track Ni**as In Paris had everyone shouting the lyrics and the crowd became a surging mass of excitement. These guys had it nailed and their set was a blast to watch.

The excitement before Issues came onstage was so tense; you could feel the anticipation in the room. Bouncing straight into COMA, they started off with a bang, every note was hit and they proved that as a unit they are just a tight onstage as in the studio. Never Lose Your Flames proved a crowd favourite and the noise of those singing along was just deafening, this wasn’t just a tour for Issues, this was a ‘welcome back, we’ve missed you’ from their fans. Showing off older songs as well as playing new tracks from just released album Headspace, it was a bit of a mixed bag with something for everyone. Winding down the night with tracks like Mad At Myself and Hooligans, it’s apparent just how much better these anthems sound in a larger venue, and with a performance like this, it’s clear they deserve it. 10/10

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