James Leese – (I Have A…) RomComplex

James Leese returns with more soothing acoustic.

7 out of 10

James Leese is an acoustic singer-songwriting from the West Midlands drawing from the likes of Modern BaseballSorority Noise and more. James released his debut album I Tried, and followed it last summer with The Four Portraits EP. Now, he’s back again with other dose of emotional acoustic, his new EP (I Have A…) RomComplex.

Goodbye introduces the EP, and it’s a subdued, measured track. James strums out a simple but effective melody on the guitar, and croons of loneliness and saying farewell. With a voice full of wistful sorrow, you are drawn into the soundscape of this EP.

500 Days has a more upbeat tune, and James launches in with the metaphor “You slipped, tripped, and I think I fell in love“. Some layered vocals give the song a greater sense of depth than Goodbye, lending something of more weight to the EP. Thematically, we’re not breaking much new ground. It’s a set of songs on love and loss, but they’re performed in such a way that they’re not washed out at all.

The penultimate track is Under Your Window, another song with a jubilant tempo. This ballad dances around in a comforting manner as James sings to the mysterious Diane. (I Have A…) RomComplex finishes with A Song For A Waltz, arguably the EP’s strongest track. More layering makes this track a more three-dimensional, dynamic piece of music. The vocals wax and wane with the guitar, giving a competent sense of harmony. A Song For A Waltz builds to a subtle crescendo, finishing the EP off in great satisfaction.

Sure, there’s not a great deal on (I Have A…) RomComplex that you won’t have heard before. James Leese spins the acoustic genre to his own tune, however, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing EP. There’s four songs here of romance and regret, enjoy them.


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