Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending discusses their latest tour, Geordies and Disney’s Frozen

Joe Ragosta from Patent Pending had a chat with us about their current UK tour promoting their latest album.


So this is your first time playing York right?

Yeah it really is, so the rest of this tour tickets were crazy, everything was great. Then they were like, “we’re going to York!” and I was like, “Why are we going to York?”

Not because I didn’t want to come to York but because we’re playing four cities that engulf York, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool that all people from York would go to. The other day there were almost no tickets sold at all and then we played Leeds and I told some jokes about how people should go to York and it seems like some people came so that’s good. But the rest of the tour’s been great then today I got to see York, I love it, it looks awesome, I had some fudge it was great.

How’s the tour been so far?

The tour’s been great, every day has been awesome. The tours have been insane and the people have been great, we’re just having a great time. The weathers been good and the foods been good, I haven’t eaten something I didn’t like yet – which is shocking.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to the UK?

Other than the shows, ‘cause I think the shows are the best, Wagamamas and Primark.

You guys are always bringing out more music, do you ever rest?

No. And now that I have a kid, I never rest ever. That’s what our new single ‘Six Feet’ is about, the decision to not rest.

If you do ever get time to relax, what do you do?

I watch TV, I watch a lot of TV when I can.

I bet you watch a lot of kids TV now.

I know every single episode of Sophia The First, I know every word to frozen and I’ll tell you the truth – both great watching, I love ‘em both. Frozen I love and Sophia the First is a really good show actually, there’s some levels to that shit I’m telling you.

What are your plans for the future then, are you just gonna keep going after the tour?

Yeah, so we go home for a couple days and I will be going down to Nashville to write songs for other people too. So yeah I’m going to Nashville to work with some country artists. It’s an awesome place, I love it there. Then I’ll come back and keep plugging away with Patent Pending, never stop writing, never stop playing. But mainly dad stuff is my immediate plan, my kid broke her leg this week when I was away which is the worst. But other than that everything is great.

Wow, you seriously never rest.

No, I was just thinking about that as you said it, the only time I get to sleep is on tour. My favourite part about going on tour is that I get to go to sleep. I get to sleep at least eight hours a night if I’m disciplined about it which is great.

So apparently Boy Jumps Ship think you look like a Mexican Soccer dad?

 The amazing thing about them is that I don’t think they believe me that I was the one who found them on the internet and I wanted them to come on this tour. I think that they think somebody else did that, it was me. I keep looking up stuff about them on the internet that they don’t think I know and then just kind of putting in on their conversations and I think it’s hilarious. But then last night, Gav, I call him the governor, has a hat that he wears and he looks like a G, but when I wear it, I just look like a Mexican soccer dad.

Have there been some accent boundaries with them?

Yeah man, they’re Geordie so nothing they say makes sense. It doesn’t make any sense, like they say “toon toon” which means we’re going out, that’s not a sentence it’s a collection of letters said twice. That’s all that is. But it’s been great having them, they’re great guys, an awesome band and I love messing with their singer ‘cause he’s very shy. He’s like *in a British accent*“I’m very talented but I’m shy.”

That was a terrible Geordie accent.

It wasn’t a Geordie accent it was a Si accent so shut up. 


Check out Patent Pending’s new single Six Feet below and grab their album Riot Hearts Rebellion here.

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