Jupiter Hollow – Odyssey

Jupiter Hollow are scraping the stars with their debut EP 'Odyssey'.

7 out of 10

Jupiter Hollow are an American prog-rock duo focusing on an ambient and eclectic blend of styles. Their soon-to-release debut EP Odyssey is a wonderful introduction to the cosmic world of Jupiter Hollow.

Deep In Space opens on an intricate riff before a high-pitched sends the song into full speed. Jupiter Hollow have crafted an ambient style of prog-rock rooted heavily in classical metal. There are some great riffs throughout this song, and the vocals are reminiscent of the siren-like power of Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. There’s a great amount of variety in Deep In Space, as the song slows down mid-way and a lilting keyboard section plays, lending a softer side to the track. From this, the song morphs into a jaunty, almost country-gone-metal riff, then inexplicably into a groovy jazz inspired riff. There is a lot going on in the opening track of Odyssey, and whilst it can be difficult to follow and jarring at times, it’s an impressive display of musicianship.

Ascending begins in a more minimalist fashion, with some solitary guitar notes echoing over some ambient rhythm noise. The vocals are softer here, all contributing to a feeling of loneliness in a great expanse. It almost seems like the title Deep In Space would be mroe appropriate for this song, but either way it’s a well-managed contrast to the eclectic blend of the first song. There’s nothing ground-breaking here, but it’s an enjoyable, slower song.

Hades Heart is the last ‘original’ song on the record, beginning similarly to Deep In Space as the layers build in then fall away. The high points in this track are impressive, but they seem too few. When Jupiter Hollow really begin hitting their stride, they let the song subside again. This does, however, improve as the track continues as the song builds to a climax. Hades Heart is followed by an acoustic rendition of the same song, a somewhat perfunctory addition to the EP. Whilst it’s audibly nice, considering the short length of the Odyssey EP, it would have been preferable to the band to include another song for listeners to embed themselves in.

Jupiter Hollow have massive bounds of talent, and there are a few places on this EP that it truly shines through. In their moments of excellence, Jupiter Hollow are ready to become a rising star in the prog world, but they need to be a little more ambitious. Odyssey would be a more complete package if the band pushed a bit harder and gave their fans more material to enjoy.


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