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Kilkovec – Plunge (EP)

"Filled with rich textures, potent lyrics and biting choruses, Plunge should see Kilkovec ascend to the upper echelons of the underground and ready themselves for bigger things."
8 out of 10

Kilkovec are a Hampshire trio, fresh off touring with luminaries like The Red Jump Suit Apparatus and Flood of Red. They have built a reputation on carving out grungy Alt-rock and as of late their EP, Name Your Place, received impressive reviews from the likes of Punktastic and even radio personality Edith Bowman. After such glowing feedback and underground buzz, a band will either pole vault to that most sought after next level, or in no uncertain terms, the pole breaks and they land face down in the dirt. Plunge is an ambitious record, drawing from both US and UK indie sounds but never losing sight of its aim ; to pen energetic, memorable rock music.

If opening track Plunge is the paranoia-induced build up to the storm, then first track-proper Change is the slow-mo assessment of the destruction caused- its panoramic Smashing Pumpkins-like riffs shifting into an equally massive vocal refrain. Vocalist Daniel Wilson delivers impressive vocal performances throughout the EP, giving the record a quintessentially British feel, while incorporating Brand New and latter-day Biffy Clyro influences into the melting pot. Elsewhere Just Get Better hurtles along at breakneck speed and delivers a chorus as strong as any you will hear this year – while Here’s To You, with it’s cool guitar lines and earnest lyrics, is reminiscent of Canadian punks Carpenter.

The band prove that they aren’t a one trick pony though, as the impressively structured Somerset Cottage shifts between poignant guitar parts, rolling grooves and cathartic screams, highlighting the exceptional musicianship on offer. Oddball final track Go On (Again and Again) then sees Wilson doing his best Mike Patton/Divine Comedy impression over a glacial sounding backdrop, before enveloping the listener in a seething, wall of sound climax. Both tracks showcase, if nothing else, the band’s ability to shift between mood and tone, while remaining consistent in their own musical skin.

Plunge follows up the well received Name Your Place in fine fashion with its crisp production only further highlighting the band’s ability to cram every corner with sound. Filled with rich textures, potent lyrics and biting choruses, Plunge should see Kilkovec ascend to the upper echelons of the underground and ready themselves for bigger things.

Plunge is released 27th January.

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