King Colobus – Self Titled [EP]

Welcome to King Colobus - blues rock with attitude.

6 out of 10

Hailing from the south of the UK are a band called King Colobus; a band beginning to make a name for themselves crafting blues-based rock. The band’s debut EP, King Colobus is set to release early next year, but here’s your first opportunity to get the low-down.

Beginning with Get Up, the song shimmers in with deep, tone-laden notes before a confident riffs breaks in. There’s a sense of something sinister in the foreboding guitar and the domineering vocals from Stewart MacPherson, and it gives the EP a brilliant sense of atmosphere. A punchy drum beat keeps the song moving as the music rises and falls.

King Colobus is nothing if not powerful, and the second song (also self titled) demonstrates more explicitly some of the inspirations that have helped produce this formula. Bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Interpol are audible in the music of King Colobus, and in a great way. As a song, the second track has a good sense of pace even if it’s not quite the same anthemic quality as its predecessor.

Brazenly titled Tits and Teeth bounces along to a similar structure. Though the musicians of King Colobus are inarguably proficient, their songwriting would benefit from some more variety. This does mean, however, that King Colobus remains a consistent, if somewhat predictable EP. Wait finishes off the release in style, boasting another colossal guitar sound. This track is a little more dynamic, and it’s refreshing to hear the band forging forwards again. The song comes to a maelstrom-like climax to shut down this release with force.

King Colobus‘ debut EP is a dependable introduction to the band, and whilst the release would be served better with some more variety, there’s little to truly dislike here. [6/10]

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