KYNG – Breathe In The Water [REVIEW]

Third time is most definitely the charm.

Keeping it healthy for the heavy metal genre is So Cal trio Kyng who aren’t afraid to shy away from conventional norms. Their latest album ‘Breathe In The Water’ aims to show how they are still smashing their music with crunchy riffs, fast paced action and why they deserved to be on tours with acts such as Black Label Society and Clutch. With this record now being their third instalment into the era of Kyng, they show that they haven’t slowed down and are still able to bring the big guns.

The guitars on this record stay prominent throughout and provide a very powerful punch whilst staying in line with the rest of the band. Hearing the beautiful cleaner sections in intros such as ‘Closer To The End’ and then getting thrown into a southern banger like ‘Follow Blindly’ shows how meticulous they were about creating something special and unworldly. The bass tone as well adds so much depth into the entire record that it helps elevate each of the fourteen tracks that are provided. The acoustic interlude provided in the song ‘The Beginning of What Was’ is another enjoyable element towards the later part of the album and helps split everything up evenly.

As well as the guitars being a strong part of the field, the drums help an awful lot with making this record such a brilliant listen. Not going over the top and trying be its own unique entity is what makes this album that much more well-rounded and helps each track feel special in its own right. A great track that shows this is the opener ‘Pristine Warning’ as its one of the most high-octane tracks on the record.  When it goes to the more toned down and ballad-esque tracks like ‘Show Me Your Love’ which utilises all their past knowledge and they incorporate it very professionally into this song.

Eddie Veliz’s vocals are at one with this record. Within previous one you get the feeling that they were lacking in their punch in the production on the record but this whole record as whole improves that tenfold, especially in the vocal area. ‘Bipolar Schemes’ pushes just the single toned vocals to a newer level than previous record ‘Burn The Serum’ with terms of projection sound. As for harmonies, tracks like ‘Not Enough’ get drenched in them! The mix of tones are tastefully done and even though they sometimes get overpowered by the rest of the instrumentation, its nice to hear them hit different octaves to spread across the bass/treble mixing.

Third time is most definitely the charm when it comes to Kyng. With heartfelt riffs and a powerful selection of songs to get through, they definitely keep you mostly intrigued from start to finish. This will definitely be in a high ranking of your favourite albums if you enjoy throwing the devil horns or even holding up your can of beer. Rock on, Kyng!


Released: 7th October 2016
For Fans Of: Black Stone Cherry / Metallica
Label: Razor & Tie

KYNG - Breathe In The Water

9 out of 10
Positives + Powerful guitar work + Vocals are much more prominent + Album grips you from start to finish + Negatives - Some harmonies undercut by mix -
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