Lay Your Ghost – A Darker Love EP – Review

7 out of 10

Synthpop is a genre that in recent years is almost being cast to the side. With some mainstream artists adopting the tropes that used to be found in such tracks by bands like Depeche Mode. It is almost quite charming to find a debut EP such a Lay Your Ghost’s A Darker Love that takes a modern spin on Synthpop.

Starting off this EP is the title track A Darker Love, a fantastic opener that sets the tone quickly for the remaining four tracks. The introduction to this song quickly sucks you in with its cleverly laid out electronic structure. With its blend of sombre notes and lyricism it shows this twist Lay Your Ghost is taking with the Synthpop genre.

Following swiftly on is Das Ende, the second track on the EP. Which yet again is strong with its mix of almost gothic lyricism presented ever so carefully by Alex Otero. Alongside that the powerful back beat lines the underneath of the track with the almost hypnotising main instrumentation siting on top.

Death of Me and Holy Ghost follow next and although both tracks have their own clear beginnings and endings they feel to zip by without a fleeting thought, yet upon a second listen to both tracks something apparent becomes clear, out of the two Holy Ghost is clearly a stronger track. Despite Death of Me having its merits, Holy Ghost packs more of punch when looking at the rest of the EP

The final track is The Flame which draws the debut EP to a concise end. This is possibly the strongest track on the EP not only for the lyrics that are sung but also for the use of electronic instrumentation that beautifully compliments the track as a whole.

Despite all of this EP’s merits, it wasn’t perfect. There was something missing that is evident in some of the bigger Synthpop hits from the past. However, Alex Otero has said that A Darker Love, he feels, has given him a strong point to move on from which is exactly right. Overall this EP is a great set of five tracks and if you need something new to listen to then look no further. [7/10]

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