Lights @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London, 16/03/16

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Already having played the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen the night before, the place was buzzing with fans eager to see leading lady Lights go for round two.

The room barely full, support band Chronic, Who only knew they would be performing with Lights 4 hours before did their best to warm up the crowd. Their set was short but sweet, only playing 3 songs. The sound was a problem, as it was a little too loud, Chronic have the potential to be huge. All songs were filled with reverb and had heavy pop vibes, their music could easily be something that would belong in the charts very soon. 4/10

At 9:30pm, the crowd were significantly warmed up and anxiously waiting for the Canadian songwriter to take the stage. Lights opened up with ‘From All Sides’ which showcased her killer vocals. The lighting was a little strong, but nevertheless Lights put on a brilliant performance. Second song, ‘Toes’, had everyone bouncing and cheering along, Lights was upbeat and owned the stage. There was no doubt that she had everyone who came to the show in the palm of her. ‘Siberia’ was sweet and is a song about the cold, which fans could relate to, as although it is spring in the UK it’s still incredibly bitter.

Lights voice is incredibly powerful live and her stage presence definitely gets everyone to dance and just have fun. The audience were captivated throughout her whole set, which was very interactive. Her voice and songwriting skills are simply remarkable and she took the opportunity to explain the meaning of most songs and share memories of them.

When the encore came, but this time the “one more song” chants seemed genuine as the audience appreciated the whole concert. Lights played from her newest album “Up We Go.”  “Up We Go” is undoubtedly an upbeat pop song really hit the spot when played live and atmosphere when this song is played is intense as everyone sings along. 7/10

Check Out the interview we did with Lights before the show here:

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