Live: The Gospel Youth/Milestones co headline – The Key Club Leeds 24/9/17

As the co-headline tour with The Gospel Youth and Milestones comes to a close. The final date is held at The Key Club and pop punk fans are out in force tonight. The room began filling up as soon as doors opened.


The first band to hit the stage is Homewrecked hailing from South Yorkshire these guys are no stranger to playing Leeds. The band’s influences are abundantly clear with singer Joe showing off his tattoos of Neck Deep and Blink 182. Although the crowd seemed quite unresponsive during the beginning of the set this changed quite quickly when the band announced the next song was Never Say Never. A group of fans began shouting every single lyric back to the band for the remainder of the set and the band responded by keeping their high energy performance going throughout. Joe even jumping into the crowd for a couple of songs and lending a hand with singing from some members of the audience.


Next up are local lads Vexxes, they’re definitely not the first band that springs to mind for this line up but that doesn’t stop them giving it 110%. Kicking straight in with their huge riffs and heart pounding drums, you knew this was going to be a great set. Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t seem too interested, except for a few people nodding their heads down the front.

Now for the first of our co-headliners The Gospel Youth, they enter the stage to the roar of the crowd. They greet the crowd and kick off their awesome set to the screams of their lyrics back at them. Their emotional Pop Rock has everyone off their feet and the band don’t hold back with a huge energy performance. Introducing every song with a little back story for the crowd to understand the meaning of each song and to involve them in the performance. The band are not usually accustomed to crowd surfers due to the more emotional side to the music but this doesn’t stop people getting involved.


To finish off this incredible line up we have Milestones, although these guys only have 5 songs released they have managed to gain a loyal following. Some of which are down at the front shouting back at the band. Unfortunately, a good portion of the crowd seemed to leave after The Gospel Youth, it may have been a better choice to have Milestones on third instead but nevertheless the guys put on a great show. With their unique heavier pop punk sound these guys will definitely be going places. Half way through the set they announced that they would like to do something they’ve done in every single city and every country they’ve played and asked the crowd to get on the floor. Everyone obliged and once the song kicked up everyone was in the air jumping along.


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