Live: King No-One – The Church, Leeds 14/10/17

A church is not the first place you think of when you hear three indie bands are playing. But as soon as you walk into this incredible venue you’re greeted with beautiful stain glass windows and a massive stage to go with them.


First up we have the incredible Honey Arcade, these local lads may be the first on the bill but with an already packed room they weren’t about to disappoint. The crowd began screaming as they entered the stage, with a loyal fan base shouting almost every word back to them the night was off to a great start. Harry (lead singer) was charismatic as ever wearing some questionable sunglasses and interacting with the crowd in the front row extremely well.  With a unique gritty indie sound these guys have got something special.


Next up we have The Indigo Project whom were also on their own mini tour to promote their new track By Your Side. With three guitars adding a huge kick to each song these guys went all out. Frontman Joe had a slight stumble while rocking out but that didn’t stop the show, they simply shrugged it off and continued their amazing set. The crowd singing along to 99% of the set proving the traction these guys are getting recently is definitely deserved.


Finally to end the night we have the incredible King No-One, the screams of the adoring fans began as soon as a stage tech began placing bottles of water on the stage and didn’t end until the music began. This is the biggest show to date for the band and they can’t help but show their appreciation throughout the set. Their cool indie sound echoing out throughout this amazing venue. Stopping before each song to explain what they were written about definitely helped the crowd empathise with the band. Frontman Zach stopped occasionally to read hand written notes from the devoted fans stood at the front, and also used a borrowed rainbow flag as a symbol to introduce the song Antichrist, which as he mentioned, was probably the first time a song named Antichrist was played in a church. They ended their set after playing every single song they have but the crowd wanted more, they returned to the stage and explained they don’t like encores when they’re faked but as they have no more songs they will replay a couple more as requested.


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