Live: The Menzingers, Manchester O2 Ritz – 02/02/18

Following the release of their 5th studio album ‘After The Party’ nearly a year ago, The Menzingers return back to Europe to tour the album for a second time. Embarking on a 19 show tour of Europe and the UK, tonight they bring some of the most current and upcoming US punk rock acts to a sold out show at the Manchester’s O2 Ritz.

Opening the 3 band strong line up, Cayetana brought a refreshing take of indie rock with hints of punk thrown in. The trio from Philadelphia somewhat lacked energetic stage presence but this was made up for by the humorous crowd interaction between songs and seamless band composition. A short but sweet set, showcasing numbers such as ‘Too Old For This’ and ‘Mesa’ from their latest release ‘New Kind of Normal’ warmed the crowd up for the night to come, overcoming small technical issues to provide a great set. [7/10]


Pup’s future was merely hanging in the balance a few years ago with vocalist Stefan fighting a battle with a serious throat condition. 3 years later, the band have toured nonstop, following their ever growing success of their 2016 studio album ‘The Dream is Over’. Opening with ‘Doubts’ sets the bar for their set as the crowd crush against the barrier with the first crowd surfers of the night. Old fan favourites ‘Guilt Trip’ and ‘Reservoir’ pay homage to their debut self-titled release, balancing the set with both new and older songs. ‘DVP’ brings things to a close with the same amount of energetic chaos they started the set with. A blistering set of constant frenzy both off and on stage clearly shows that they have the potential the headline rooms of this size a lot sooner than they think. [8/10]


With a few moments for the room to catch their breath, The Menzingers burst onto the stage with album opener ‘Tellin’ Lies’. The room erupts, starting the steady stream of crowd surfers which never seemed to stop the entire night. The power of having two vocalists is put to full effect, offering a dynamic that not many bands can do, let alone perfect as ‘Good Things’ and ‘My Friend Kyle’ show they can achieve this not only on record but live. Fan favourites ‘I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore’ and ‘Lookers’ sees the sweaty crowd test their vocal chords to the limit, leading into an encore with the crowd demanding more. ‘In Remission’ draws the night to a close, highlighting that they’re rising to the top of punk rock and with good reason. A sold out show in front of a wide variety of age groups shows that punk isn’t nowhere near dead yet. [9/10]

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