LIVE REVIEW: Into the Ark, Sanctum Soho Hotel 9/11/16

Into the Ark are a smalltime doublet hailing from Blackwood in Wales. Dane Lloyd & Taylor Jones coalesce to form the newest and rawest delicacy in the form of folk, soul and blues intricately and effortlessly mixed together to create a pure and resonant breath of fresh musical air.

The band have recently been picking up speed on a tour through Europe, even earning a well-deserved media pit-stop in the Netherlands. To cap off those shows they featured at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in the glitsy heart of London’s capital.

Into the Ark opened with the song Better Than Never At All. The delicate and harmonious anthem seemed a very strong opener for the pair as it showed us very early on just what to expect throughout the evening, strong guitar playing, genius song-writing and a very strong set of lungs between them.

Secondly, the band unleashed their big new single My Ghost (to which you can find the video below). This proud and brazened foot-stomper surfaces as just about the best mix between Paolo Nutini and Maverick Sabre you’ll ever hear and you should be prepared to hear this on the radio in the big time.


The evening progressed with the unveiling of the to-be second single from the duo Brightest Creature (a single that you should be very excited to hear) and the balladic I’ll Be Gone Again, which had a very different twist to the rest of the night, feeling a lot more like a late Oasis-styled track.

Lastly, the band finished off with the utterly show-stopping No Place like Home. No Place like Home represents Into the Ark so vividly you can almost feel the boys’ history and the journey flutter through your ears. Of course, the lyrics were great, the singing was great and the playing was great but Into the Ark simply represent and stand for so much more than that.

This songs and all of it’s predecessors manifested as living, breathing proof that music still exists. The band use no synth, no effects, they don’t even use an electric guitar or a drummer. Into the Ark personify what music was and what music should be by sparing themselves the music tech and sticking to their heart and soul and that radiated off of a performance that held such magnitude to such a small crowd.

In conclusion, Into the Ark are and perform as two lads from a small village in Wales and successfully reproduce such a soul with gripping and catchy acoustic hits.

Be ready to hear a lot more of Into the Ark in the near future.


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