LIVE REVIEW: Boy Jumps Ship, Fibbers – York, 01.05.16

Boy Jumps Ship came onto the stage at Fibbers in York to a fairly small yet intense crowd for the opening show of their UK headline tour. As they took their positions on stage, front man Si Todd positively called for everyone to “come to the front, let’s have some fun” and the audience obliged. Opening with Lost and Found the four guys sounded like a band far beyond their years, exploding less like a band touring their debut album and more like an established, confident one.

Si’s unmistakeable vocals brought their album to life right in front of you on stage. The band’s distinctive on stage chemistry shone through in abundance and matched with their passion for performing live. Although all four have their own unique stage styles and presence, they collaborate excellently for an immense atmosphere. Guitarist Jonathan Douglas’ (Dougie) brought drive and energy while bassist Jonny Rob supplied substance and some of the best musicianship on the scene at the moment. All this was backed up with the momentum, pulsation and pure charisma from drummer Gav Gates. A recipe for a great night.

The most perfectly executed performance of the night, hands down, goes to Make You Proud. This track was a definite highlight for the band as their commitment projected like a beacon from the stage. The backing vocals synced well with Si’s voice which were backed up by a solid rhythm section to produce a barricade of outstanding pop-rock.
They didn’t only play tracks from the new album, they also threw in the old fan favourite Call to Arms. The Fibbers crowd had more than warmed up by this point and happily joined in singing and dancing to this well-known song. This resulted in a chorus of “woahs” at the end of the song that echoed over the venue and created a special moment between the band and fans building their connection even further.

Another stand out song was Turn Up the Radio, with its catchy chorus and prevalent musical technicality, it was bound to be a crowd winner. If you didn’t know the song before the gig, you certainly loved it after. The only down side to this gig was the short space of time BJS had to perform, the set felt slightly rushed which did unfortunately some-what take away from the night. However, this didn’t stop it from being an awesome gig that the lads will surely be proud of.


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