7 out of 10

22nd June, The Lexington, Angel, London

Photo// Andrea Cutts

As police sirens fill the air right outside The Lexington, upstairs in a semi full pub, a solo musician voted as one the most stylish men in music by Esquire Magazine who goes by the name Lookman Adekunle better known as L.A. Salami was first to open the night.

Just by playing a chord on his shinny brown acoustic guitar, L.A Salami captivated his audience with his gripping lyrics about the London lifestyle. Song ‘Day to Day Six Days a Week’, left the crown motionless as they were totally engaged in the lyrics he sang so softly in contrast to his rough strumming. He described this song as ‘anyone who wants a job, but doesn’t wanna work,’ which was relatable for many. Adding a harmonica to his set, L.A Salami, played a slower song, ‘No Hallelujah Now.’ Not only did this song showcase how comfortable he was, but also his exceptional lyric writing. Lastly, the singer song writer closed his set with: ‘Loosely on My Mind’, it was about London stabbings and it was dark but beautiful. L.A Salami was delicate and sung about everything we needed to hear. 9/10

Next was a band from Belgium, Warhaus. Immediately the quartet was intriguing, playing a mixture between Psychedelic rock, electronic and indie, they explored smolders with film-noir-like sexuality whilst performing on stage. The atmosphere was like being at the famous Bronze in Sunnydale, where Buffy Summers and her friends danced to music. ‘The Good Lie’ their first single, was well received, and showed their talent on stage. Singer, Maarten Devoldere, pulled out a saxophone filled with reverb and looped the sounds to be played in the background whilst him and female vocalist sang together complimenting each other greatly. With their new album dropping in a couple of months titled, ‘We Fucked a Flame into Being’, the band played ‘I’m Not Him’ where they explored conflicting sounds whilst layering, in order to create a dense atmosphere.  7/10

The Happyness was next, the band everyone came to see. ‘Jangle – gazed’ indie trio wasted no time on introductions and dived right into their set. The band echoed mellow 90’s rock vibes and an attitude that they don’t take themselves seriously as singer, Benji Compston came on stage with silver star sunglasses. In attempt to create an atmosphere during their third song they switched off the lights and played a slow track that had the potential to be a summer anthem. ‘Haven’t you heard’ was next, and yelled out 90’s grunge, next was, ‘lets play that piano song now’ and the crowd swayed side to side. The Happyness represented everything British music stands for, all members were talented and played their parts to perfection. The Happyness are a band perfect for that throwback summer playlist you’ve been meaning to make, they’re fun, laid back and of course happy. 7/10

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