LIVE REVIEW: Kerrang! Awards Gig – Troxy 9/6/16

10 out of 10

When Kerrang! announced A Day To Remember were filling the headline slot for their after awards show gig, you could practically hear everyone ask “is this real?!” With their lack of UK presence as of late, this was really an opportunity not to be missed. Their venue of choice, Troxy, was a great choice as well; the architecture and atmosphere of it just adding to the evening’s draw. However all did not go to plan, with the scheduled starting time of the show being 21:30 yet punters were not even let in until after that. Stage times were then delayed further until the room was filled, with Asking Alexandria eventually coming on close to 22:30, and A Day To Remember not being present until 23:45. Partly due to the time and partly to trains stopping at 23:30 for most punters, the room began to empty before the night was even halfway through. This being said, it wasn’t all bad; the bands put on a phenomenal show.

First up, Asking Alexandria let rip with first single from new album The Black in I Won’t Give In, and this was their chance to prove to a largely musician-based audience that the live show is every bit as good as its studio counterpart, and proved triumphant like never before. Stomping through tracks including To The Stage and The Death of Me, Denis proved he can perform just as well (if not better than) predecessor Danny Worsnop, as he leapt around and shrieked with an energy the latter could have only dreamed of with his lethargy onstage. Throwing out further classics Not The American Average and A Prophecy, the band had circle pits expanding to the walls and fans screaming along at the top of their lungs. What a sight.

As tension mounted in the room, A Day To Remember bounded out, launching straight into The Downfall Of Us All. This set proved to be a hectic affair with the hits flying out fast and hard; 2nd Sucks had waves rippling through the audience as they headbanged and jumped along. A slightly mellower moment in the setlist was provided by Have Faith In Me which prompted the biggest sing-a-long and was a real ‘grab your friend’ moment which was only continued as they blasted through both new songs Paranoia and Bad Vibrations, proving they’re anything over despite the slight hiatus. Everyone knew the words to the new tracks on their first British outing and both went down a storm. Finishing off the night with All I Want, the crowdsurfers came out in abundance after hiding away in the pit all night, which ended the show on as much of a high as the start; a live show that is every bit as thrilling as the albums.

(words by Jade Falconer)

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