LIVE REVIEW: Muse, The O2 London, 04/04/16

Nothing but Thieves seemed slightly nervous when they first got on stage, but who can blame them as it was their first time playing the massive O2 arena in London. Despite it taking a couple of songs for the band to warm up, they gave a good performance. Once they started to get more comfortable on stage, they showed why they deserved to open up for one of the biggest bands in the world. They had a varied mix of songs that made for an entertaining set. Including, Trip Switch which really showed off Conor Mason’s incredible vocals to their full potential. If Muse and Arctic Monkeys were to have a love child,NBT would be the product. All five of the guys were humbled and appreciative to be performing before Muse at such a prestigious venue. Their place on that stage was well justified.






Rock fans from all around the country and all over the world came together to form one immense crowd creating the highest attendance the London O2 arena has ever seen. What else for but rock gods, Muse? And rock gods they were.


Fans – some of which had been queuing for over seven hours – were welcomed to a centre stage allowing the audience to surround the band while they played. The middle of the stage spun around giving Matt, Dom and Chris a 360-degree view of their worshipping fans. Lit up orbicular drones slowly came down from the ceiling as the crowd looked around, they realised they were surrounded by eleven in total and anticipation started to rise. They started a mesmerising filled set by opening with their lead single from their latest album Drones. The distinct intro riff to Psycho sent the packed out arena into overdrive.


The somewhat mystical light up spheres were just the beginning to the bands use of props throughout the show. A giant spaceship-like drone flew over the audience during their outstanding performance of The Globalist. This was followed by the release of massive balloons into the crowd that when popped, scattered thousands of confetti drones everywhere. There was also exceptional use of video projection throughout several songs including, Dead Inside, JFK and The Handler.


The band of course did not only play songs from their new album, with their extensive and impressive discography some of their older hits were fundamental. Knights of Cydonia got an incredible crowd reaction and set the O2 on fire with energy whileStarlight compelled thousands of people to sing along with Matt. They also played Bliss, which was reminiscent of their early performances consequently adding even more depth and emotion to their set list.


The entire night was a transcendent whirlwind of flawless live music and dynamic performances. Although the band were conversationally quiet, they undoubtedly made up for it with their high energy and commitment. In a good way, this also made the show all about their music and not themselves. It is hard to find the words to describe this as a gig as it felt like so much more. Not only are you treated to the epic sound of Muse’s impressive discography, but a visual and emotional experience.



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