LIVE REVIEW: Neck Deep, Leeds Beckett University 19.04.16

WSTR did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd for Neck Deep in Leeds, intensifying the crowd who were clearly ready for a good night. The live performance from all four members were watertight and enthusiastic, giving a sound that was incredibly similar to their recorded music.  Playing their well-known song, Fair Weather the band seemed in their element on stage with the audience and the band keeping the early buzz of energy alive.


The band did an excellent cover of Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff which triggered an immense mosh pit and sent the crowd crazy. It was a genius idea to surprise the audience with the cover because it was an unexpected song that every single person knew. The only thing left to increase the crowd intensity was to have Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow pierce the stage and join them in their biggest hit, Graveyard Shift. As you can imagine, this went down exceptionally well with the audience.


The crowd’s commitment and energy snowballed into Creeper’s set. The theatrical punk band approached the stage in an assertive, determined manor. They knew they had one job, to make the crowd go insane, and that’s exactly what they did. Will Gould’s vocals were phenomenal, and left no doubt as to why they deserved their spot opening for Neck Deep. While every member seemed to have their own personal signature on stage, they still worked outstandingly together to create a unique blend of punk progressive rock. They performed tracks from their EP The Stranger including Black Mass which proved to be a crowd favourite. Their performance of slower song Misery made every single hair on your body stand on end. It made the mental crowd the quietest they would be for the whole night as they listened, captivated by the band.


Neck Deep’s two-hour set flew by in a blitz of pure pop-punk awesomeness. From flawless guitar riffs to an impeccable bass performance and on point, compelling drumming – ND got it spot on. All this was accompanied by front man, Ben Barlow’s fiery and hungry vocals.

The band had the sold out Leeds Beckett crowd in the palm of their hand with their current single Serpents which was executed with passion and vigour. There were people crowd surfing throughout the entire set while others were chanting, cheering and singing as loud as they could. An already frenzied crowd vamped up to the next level as the band beganDecember during their encore. The whole place was singing word for word along with Ben creating a warm and united atmosphere with a numinous feeling washing over with every word sang.

The arrangement of the guys on stage couldn’t have been better, they spread out across the width of the stage with guitarists, Matt West and Sam Bowden occasionally switching sides giving the audience some variation. In despite of the place being a heat bed, both ND and the fans danced, jumped and moshed all night, nothing was going to stop anyone going insane and enjoying this show.

Ben’s vocal range really got the chance to shine out during his performance of A Part of Me. Again, the crowd sang along in near perfect harmony which clearly meant a lot to Ben as he smiled every time he got the chance to break and listen to them. He was joined on stage by Creeper’s keyboard player Hannah Greenwood who expertly sang Laura Whiteside’s part from the original track.

If there are any pop-punk fans or music lovers out there who haven’t yet seen Neck Deep live, you’re missing out heavily. Stick it on your bucket-list, you absolutely must see these guys doing what they do best.



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