LIVE REVIEW: Trivium, The Barbican York 29/03/16

As Lions instantly seized the early crowd’s interest with their enchanting performance on stage at The Barbican in York. Interest quickly turned into devotion as it didn’t take long for this five-piece band to have everyone in the palm of their hand. A very co-operative crowd roared, jumped and banged their heads and their energy was matched by every member of AL. They were an awesome, engaging opening band who had one of the best quotes of the night. As they started to play a new song from their upcoming EP, vocalist Austin Dickinson shouted: “You won’t know this one, so just sing what the fuck you want!”



Savage Messiah had a lot to live up to after As Lions and it’s safe to say, they maintained the energy that had been created throughout their set. As the band had taken over from Heart of a Coward, it meant they subconsciously had something to prove with this gig and they didn’t disappoint. Their performance of Minority of One particularly stood out as being flawlessly executed and captured the crowd’s attention. They were clearly a band that were more than comfortable being on stage and performing. They made the entire venue comfortable which set up a perfect vibe to accompany the anticipation and excitement of Trivium.



Imagine an increasing buzz surrounding The Barbican suddenly vamp up to the next level as the lights vanish and Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden fills the venue. There was not a single person who wasn’t singing at the top of their voice and Triviumweren’t even on stage yet. The song finished and was immediately followed by the recognisable sound of Corey Beaulieu on guitar. The crowd went even more insane as Trivium blasted into Silence in the Snow. Talking to the audience after the song, Matt Heafy divulged that the last show they played had been in Leicester and they had been the best crowd of UK tour so far. So York accepted this challenge and responded with that familiar chant “YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE.”

All the songs performed were faultless and the guys knew exactly how to please their fans playing both old and new songs in an order that kept the crowd both involved and gripped. New drummer, Paul Wandtke, fit seamlessly into the line-up and his passion for Trivium and their music was unmistakeable. Dead and Gone sent the already insane crowd, mental and created a huge mosh pit that occupied most of the standing area and involved almost all the fans there. It was clear that Trivium still love what they are doing and their passion for music is still the most important thing to them. It was evident that they just enjoy playing their music for fans and being able to share and connect with them. They were all round brilliant performers of rock, thrash and metal and were definitely crowd pleasers. A must see for any fan of this genre of music.


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